Raising The Bar Season 2: The Writing Has Improved Significantly

I've been watching this show from the beginning, and I must say that after episode 3 of this season, the writing improved dramatically. I can honestly say this is developing into an interesting and well-written show.

I'm glad they've made Balco's character more prominent this season, as I think his character is one of the more dynamic of the cast. For some reason, although I hate the DA's, I can stomach him more than the others on his team...they just get on my nerves, honestly.

It would be interesting to see at least one of them realize that the way they're going about defending justice is not fair and balanced, and defect to team PD : ) ...perhaps Marcus, b/c this season we've seen him starting to see the other point of view a little more- so much so that Balco embarrassed Jerry in front of the other DA's in order to test Marcus' commitment to 'towing the line'. I think a change of perspective would be great for his character development. They could show how the paths of the two DA's of the old gang begin to diverge, with one (Michelle's) going towards her becoming more hard-nosed and cold, and the other's (Marcus) changing direction as he realizes that everyone they're prosecuting is not actually guilty.

I'm also glad that more judges were brought on the show this season, as I was tired of seeing Kessler all the time. I think the show has done a good job in their casting of new additions this season. The new judges, PD, and bailiff are all interesting and add some levity to the show.

Regarding the romance:

Finally! Jerry & Bobbi together at last! I'm glad Bobbi saw that Jerry wasn't going to be waiting around forever. He was sensitive to her situation, and patient, but he's a healthy, attractive man in his prime, so I'm glad she came around. I was smiling and clapping at the end of "Bobbi Ba-Bing!"

I'm glad they brought on a new person for Richard, as I didn't really see much chemistry with him & Roz. I think there is more chemistry b/w Roz and Balco...they should go there with those two...I enjoy their back and forth. It also seems they may be hinting at something with Balco and Michelle, though, so we'll see.

I don't know about Marcus...I didn't really see much chemistry b/w him and the character they brought on for him. I thought he had better chemistry with Michelle. Hmm...

Based on the significant improvement the series has shown this season, I hope it is renewed. In my opinion, it has gone from simply 'something to watch,' to a show I actually look forward to seeing each week.




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Aug 25, 2009 6:55PM EDT

I agree. I'm also glad they've made an effort to present more balanced cases - last season, I think Jerry one every single case. The DA's office should win a few, too...
And yay for Jerry and Bobbi!

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Aug 26, 2009 10:12PM EDT

While I appreciate the effort, the last epi, "Beating A Dead Horse," was a bit contrived and wasn't nearly as good as the last...that definitely should not have been the last epi of the season. I'd have to go back and watch to get the exact count, but I think the D.A.'s won quite a few of the cases last season and Jerry definitely lost some...the D.A.'s have also won some this season. I think the beef some have with the show is that the D.A.'s are always made to look like the bad guys and the PD's, almost angelic...I agree that things are, realistically, not that black and white, and I suppose they need to show more of a balance there...they also need to soften up the D.A.'s a little more and tell the actors playing Marcus & Michelle to cut back on the smugness a bit and they'd be a little more likable.
I'm with you...Yay for Jerry and Bobbi and I hope they come back with the magic next season. : )

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