Just had a thought: V for World Domination?

We've gained some insight, this season, into the amorous effect that vampire blood has on other beings (i.e. Bill>Sookie, and Eric>Sookie & Lafayette)...so now I'm curious: Wouldn't the effect of vampire blood make the receiver more susceptible to the vampire donor's influence? If so, perhaps that is why the queen is having Eric sell V to humans: to subtly bring about vampire control.

Other thoughts: Now that we know Sookie's supernatural blood affects vampires, could her blood (and that of others like her) be used to counteract the effect of V? Also, are shape shifters (like Sam) & other supernaturals influenced by vampire blood or Sookie's special sauce? If this blood thing is significant, I wonder whose blood trumps all...

What do you guys think about the significance of blood (V and others) in the story? Could there be a "blood battle" a-brewin'?



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Sep 17, 2009 3:22PM EDT

I see what your saying. I think that vampire blood either affects control over humans through DIRECT INFLUENCE or it could be that the Queen wants to have control of the humans psychologically. Any human who is addicted to vampire blood will not want to kill vampires (cause they want the blood) or they eventually will want to become vampires. It seems that V is highly addictive and that V-addicts will do anything to get their fix (Amy, Jason, some other people mentioned in passing); if this is true the Queen will have her own personal human army of which she is the supplier. She will systematically control a large amount of people and can play shadow games for power and have complete deniablity.
Starry I like the way you think...If you ever want to take over the world we can split it 50/50 ;P

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Sep 17, 2009 8:46PM EDT

Right...and the psychological aspect may be why Sookie's mental powers are so significant to this story (if this is the way it's going, that is...)...perhaps, she and her kind will have to unite their powers to counteract the Queen's influence...idk, that would be interesting though...
Thanks Traveller, you too...Hmm...ok, that sounds good...I can make do with 50, Lol :D

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Sep 25, 2009 1:36AM EDT

Unless the blood being sold is the queens blood and she can find out who every person drinking the blood is I doubt she could use it to control everyone.
I think she is using it, more likely, as a way to get some extra money. However why she wants to kill bill I have NO idea. I've read the books and things are really starting to branch out from the books story lines.
Perhaps Bill's original reason for being in Bon Temps is the same as the books. hmmm...but I don't want to give anything away :)
Oh and who the hell kidnapped Bill??? Either the writer's were dumb enough to make it Eric (even though that would be the most obvious answer and not much of a cliff hanger for next season) or Fellow Ship of the Sun are back. Other than that, I'm stumped.

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Sep 25, 2009 5:33PM EDT

Well, if vampire blood has influence on humans, and other vampires are under the queen's rule, that would give her indirect control/influence on humans wouldn't it? I suppose some vampires could attempt to usurp the queen's authority...ERW's portrayal, on the show, doesn't convey how powerful and perceptive the queen is supposed to be (and I haven't started reading the series yet), so maybe her control over her subjects is weak, and her indirect influence on humans would be as well...perhaps she is being motivated by greed for money & power (well, money is power, so...)
I agree, Eric's kidnapping Bill is too predictable. Although I am definitely looking forward to seeing those two go at it, I hope the writers won't start season 3 off with that...they should learn from this season and pace themselves in letting certain elements of the story play out...
Thanks for not giving the books away whiteca...I'm getting ready to start them, and I love the element of surprise. :D

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Sep 30, 2009 2:45PM EDT

It couldn't be Eric that took Bill away. Eric is 1000 years old, bill is only about 150 years old. Eric would not require silver to subdue Bill. I often think that Bill is an idiot because he threatens Eric. "Don't touch Sookie!" he says, as though he would have some way to back up that threat. Eric is actually being quite the gentleman to not have just taken Sookie from Bill by force.

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Sep 30, 2009 9:27PM EDT

Ah, excellent observation shayalon...I was so focused on how bad that epi was, I forgot all about the silver. The use of silver would not be needed for Eric to subdue Bill, and also, would be inflicting pain on himself, so it can't be Eric...must be the Fellowship, then, or some characters we may not have been introduced to yet...
I agree...Eric definitely could have had Sookie by now, but he was being respectful of their relationship, or of Bill's manhood, I mean, vampirehood. I don't know why he waited...oh, that's right: there's this whole vampire code about respecting another vampire's human. Perhaps that's why he had to go after Sookie in the way he did. I think Eric is amused by Bill and is fascinated by Sookie...even from the first time he saw her. Now he wants to see what all the fuss is about w/Miss Stackhouse...that reminds me of when Rev. Steve Newlin said "What do they see in you?" Lol...

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May 20, 2010 2:43AM EDT

Personally, I liked the books. Bill is pretty much a jerk in the books, and Eric is the good one. Don't read further, poss spoiler, maybe not, in the books, Loraine kidnaps bill, but there was no scene in a restaurant
For those of you who read the new book, does Sookie stay in her marriage with you know who.

May 24, 2010 1:59AM EDT

I think that in the show it will be Loraine again... she left to quietly.. I think she has it out for Sookie now, part of me really hopes that the books and the show stay simillar but the other part of me wants it to be different so its new... hmmm i'm torn.... so excited tho... can't wait til the 13th!!!

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