Home Again Suttons? (Lincoln Heights Season 4, Episode 1)

My favorite family show back! I'm glad to see the Suttons back in full-effect. It's interesting to see Eddie's oldest son with the fam...I wonder what will be going on w/him this season. Eddie's still working the beat...they need to bring Lund back (not Sage, though, just Lund); Momma Jenn's still juggling work at the clinic and at home (I wonder why they didn't work Nicki Micheaux's pregnancy into the show);Tay has really grown, and has no problem putting people in their place; I'm still lovin' Chassie (although EH's overacting takes me out of scene quite a bit...hopefully, this was a warm-up epi for her), and Robert Adamson is looking better than ever. Looks like this is going to be a tough season for Charles...I hope he can talk his way out of the case brewing against him, and can come up with a good explanation as to why he hasn't told anyone about that money he found yet (but that probably won't hit the fan until mid-season or later). Oh, and Lizzie...I wonder what drama they have planned for her this season...

Although they passed on that beautiful suburban home, I'm glad the Suttons decided to stay in Lincoln Heights...especially since that's the title of the show and all. : ) All in all, I enjoyed this epi...other than those people who wouldn't leave the front yard of that crack house (I understood and appreciated the message though), and EH's acting, this was a pretty decent season opener. I'm looking forward to what this season has in store for the Lincoln Heights crew, and will definitely be watching.

If you still haven't seen "Home Again," head on over to Hulu and get caught up...

you still have about three days before epi 2 airs... : )


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