Ok, It's Official...I Have Found A New Favorite Show: Glee!

Fox's own little high school musical is back! The preview epi, which aired in May, piqued my interest, but didn't quite hit the mark for me. However, this new episode is a perfect season-starter, showing marked improvement in the writing and pacing of the show, as well as in the humor. There are funny moments throughout, and most of the actors have pretty good comedic timing.(Btw, does this show remind anyone of Election? I thought of that Broderick/Witherspoon classic-from-way-back the first time I saw the show...it reminds me of that movie and another show/movie, but I just can't put my finger on it...)

I think they did a pretty good job with the casting for the show. Watching Jane Lynch is always a treat, and she does not disappoint as Coach Sylvester, consistently delivering the laughs in every scene she is in. Ok, why did she give glee teach (my nickname for Will Schuester) some iron pills, telling him "it helps you keep up your strength when your menstruating," LOL...I love her subtle delivery, like when she suggested Rachel & Finn be hobbled for making glee club fliers on her cheer squad's copier machine...i'm glad she's on here.

Glee Teach: I like Mr. Shue...he's got a warm, personable, and fun demeanor, and cute too . : ) After watching the first epi of Glee, I found a youtube vid of Matthew Morrison dancing hip-hop back in the day, so I wasn't surprised when he busted out with his hip-hop show, in the epi, but I was still pleasantly entertained (he was good & I have to say, that Mercedes can SANG).

I guess they don't want you rooting for Shue's wife...they introduced her as a self-absorbed, whiny, annoying character in the first epi, and she stayed that way in this one, so of course I can't stand her, and want him to get with the counselor (she's funny though...she called having to chose b/w a grand foyer and breakfast nook in their new home "her own personal Sophie's Choice" lol). I guess I'm into this thing already, b/c I did not like her in that tub with Will at all, lol... I figured she wasn't pregnant, from the first epi, but I thought she was purposely making it up then. She doesn't support him and...she's just got to go...but of course that won't happen, b/c they've got to keep the romantic tension going b/w glee teach and the counselor (Emma). I already love the lil' relationship b/w those two & I can see this is going to be one of those will they/won't they tv couples that drive you nuts, but you love 'em just the same, and look forward to watching every week.

The Club: The kids in the glee group can sing and dance pretty well (of course). I hope the writers delve a little more into the secondary characters so we can get to know them. The two glee club members focused on the most are Rachel, the outcast, and Finn, the jock.

Lea Michele's portrayal of Rachel is engaging, and I'm interested in her relationship with the jock, primarily, b/c of how well she sells it. I also like the addition of Quinn, the cheerleader girlfriend. She's the perfect nemesis for Rachel "the would-be glee queen," and their burgeoning rivalry (effected by their mutual interest in the jock and Quinn's entry into the show choir as a lead soloist) is sure to keep things going.

The Weakest Link: If I had to pick a weakest link in the show, it would have to be the jock. From the empty, expressionless look he wears on his face, to the dull/disinterested manner in which he speaks, this guy just screams BORING. Maybe they were thinking he could pull off an interesting dead-pan like Matthew Broderick, or an interesting dumb jock, but I'm sorry...he can't. They really need to work w/him on that...or get him a replacement, stat...Funny sideline: I know this might be kind of twisted, but that flashback he kept having about hitting some guy, when his mom gave him his 1st driving lesson, had me rolling both times they showed it...that was just hillarious. : D No, I know, it's not fun to hit people with a moving vehicle, but that scene reminded me of "Happy Gilmore" when the Mista Mista Lady jumped on Happy's car...ok, I digress...

All in all, this was a great epi to kick the season off with, and it promises many fun-filled weeks ahead. I'm already looking forward to every one of them...so keep up the good work Glee...keep the laughs coming, the song & dance routines fun, and please give that jock a personality makeover...Glee!

So what do you think of Glee? Think you'll be tuning in to watch them tune it up this season?


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