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OTH decided to keep it light this week after last week's moving and dramatic episode. Clay hung with the coolest ghost ever; the guys went camping, equipped with Julian's high-priced gear and never-ending movie quotes, and with the always-annoying Chuck in tow; the girls had a chocolate high and a spooky night; and Dan got spooked all epi by a mystery man with a bleeding heart. It was a Halloween epi of Scooby-Doo proportions and I found myself laughing at some of the crazy hijinks. Here are some lines and scenes that made me chuckle:

Skills: Man when I said "guys weekend", I pictured us by the pool, at the Bellagio, room & drinks comped all 'cause we were rolling with Nate Scott...yeah, but the d*mn woods? With hungry animals and dudes with hockey masks?

Mouth: C'mon man...camping is a great way to forget your TV, no internet, no cell phones--

Skills: No way to call for help...

Nathan: (Apathetically) Hey, look's Julian

Chuck: Who the h*ll is Julian?

Jamie: Uncle Skills, we pitched our tent

Skills: Ah, way to go guys. Alright, here's your merit badges

Mouth: What's that all about?

Skills: I got these at the army surplus store...we got merit badges all weekend. Check this out: Hey, who wants to get their "go get me a beer" badge?

Jamie & Chuck: I do!

Mouth: Nice...

Skills: So how you doin' Chuck?

Chuck: My mom says you can't marry Miss Lauren because you don't make enough money.

Skills: Fine. Guess who just lost their "keep their d*mn mouth shut" badge?

Julian (beating two rocks together): We did this in a movie I just produced...we just need one spark...

Nathan (after putting lighter fluid on the wood and lighting it with a match): Alright Spielberg, why don't you produce us some marshmallows?

Julian: You wanna hear something really scary?

Chuck: Bring it Julia...

Nathan: Not cool man...

Julian: Lighten up Francis...everybody loves a good "Brokeback Mountain" joke

Nathan (looking at Julian's sleeping bag): Not when you're over there sleeping in your "lambskin condom"

(After Nathan & Julian's bonding session)

Julian: That was my first ever fist bump

Nathan: Don't over think it

Other Thoughts:

I wish they had left out the Clay/Quinn scenes this week b/c...well, in the spirit of keeping it light, I won't rehash my thoughts on Quinn this week...

I caught Julian's "Breakfast Club" movie reference (I like that movie)...

Oh, I thought it was cool that Julian tipped Mouth & Skills off to new career possibilities and Dan is coming back to Tree Hill...

What did you like about this epi? You think Nathan & his dad will be able to make amends during their reunion next week?



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Nov 5, 2009 3:50PM EST

I loved it that mouths favorite sports movie was coach carter, and then looked to skills.That was pretty funny.

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Nov 5, 2009 4:46PM EST

I loved when Dan made reference to Chad Michael Murray's current total lack of employment..... BURN!!! I also liked the Coach Carter one.....

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Nov 5, 2009 11:45PM EST

starry this episode was hilarious and i loved the slap at cmm however i see this as a clear sign that he will never be back on the show again,what are your thoughts? I know that some people wouldn't be to upset to never see him on the show again however as a sideffect it also means hb will never return to the show either which does concern me considering what is supposed to be on the way for a main character. Another interesting part of this episode was when skills told jullian about nathan and brookes sex tape i cant understand why anyone would mention that when skills is supposed to be nathans friend not jullians.I know that q shouldn't continually be mentioned every week but when a dead character is better than a living one you have a serious problem.Dan and rachael coming back to tree hill is a very good thing it will bring back the drama I will be waiting to see what the writers can do with mouth and rachael
starry An interesting side note to this is that whoever mouth is interested in is either friendly or becomes friendly after having been with him i can site a few examples gigi,shelley,rachael,brooke,his boss at the tv station,millieOne other rule of oth is which ever characters are closest to haley become better peopletheir character changes dramatically some examples of this are nathan,brooke,quentin,sam,peyton,lucas, even dan changed a little after he came to the realization haley was a positive influence on nathan.

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Nov 6, 2009 12:03AM EST

starry one thing i have forgotten to mention regarding dan and nathans relationship is i have always felt nathan should never forgive dan not only for keith and his childhood or lucas but also because had he listened to his father jamie would never have been born.nathan would have been bitter and alone.


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Nov 6, 2009 10:40AM EST

itastenice & Jen51318, that Coach Carter reference was funny...I guess they decided not to be too "in your face" and have Mouth say something to Skills like "there was a guy in there that looked just like you"...when I heard that dig at CMM, I was thinking "no they didn'" and wondering if anyone else caught that...I wonder if he's rethinking his choice now...
totvornottotv, you may be right on that one...but then again, it may not be completely out of the question...especially since bringing either CMM and/or HB back would probably send the ratings through the roof. Maybe that comment was code for them saying they may consider bringing him back as a guest star for sweeps and he may go for it since he's not working...hmm...
I think Skills spilled his guts on that one because it was already kind of out there at that point, and he had been drinking, so he was like chuck it...besides, it gave Nathan & Julian something to bond over, lol...
That's a good point totvornottotv...Mouth and Haley do represent pure-hearted goodness on the show and have had a positive affect on the other characters because they help them get in touch with their good side.
I think the situation b/w Dan & Nathan is a complex one...with all the horrid things Dan has done, that's still his father, who had a tremendous influence on his life in good and bad ways, and he knows Dan loves him, but has been seriously screwed up. I was wondering to myself if all that Dan has done could actually be forgivable...I think killing his brother is the one thing that just can't be gotten past. I do think that they will at least be more civil now, and he will probably allow Dan to spend time with Jamie. It will be interesting to see how they address this, and I agree that I'm looking forward to Dan's return to Tree Hill b/c that means they're about to ramp up the drama...I think Mouth and Rachel would be good b/c she needs to get in touch with her good side, lol...

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Dec 1, 2009 3:06AM EST

starry we haven't discussed the last tree episodes starting with ep nine which i must say in my opinion was without a doubt one of the worst eps. The show plunged into the depths of the abyss in that episode, what are your thoughts?starry a total contrast to episode 10 which was one of the best episodes of this season and probably one of the best eps in the shows history except for the revelation about brooke which i cant believe the producers have decided to punish this character anymore considering her redemption over the course of the show starting with her love for a guy who clearly was in love with another girl to her absent and unloving parents coupled with a number of horrible acts perpetrated against her.enough already with the torturing of this character she has suffered to much.i cant remember if i have overlooked anything but if you can shed a little light on anything i have neglected to mention.I also have a huge issue with the entire cast leaving tree hill what the hell is going on skills and mouth are going to L.A haley is going on tour finally which from a story point i understand had to happen while nathan is going to spain and the worst thing quinn is staying.The show is running into more continuity problems brought on by the absence of L and P with regards to episode 11 in my opinion a serious story problem has started to constrain the show through there absence a clear example was when the future of peytons record company was threatened she neglected to even call her for advice or to even mention it in passing because it would have made more sense then for her to discuss what to do with a blowin relative who she havent seen in years rather than a good friend. why would haley of asked for quinns advice on this issue rather then p or brooke especially considering brooke has been their for her for most of her major problems over the past several years To me that is a serious writing problem it says to me that the writers are spending too much time introducing the new characters while neglecting the core cast who a vast majority of the fans want to see more ofconsidering the show has at most only one year left so to spend so much time with the new character dosent make sense.I believe the show has only one year left because james L recently did a interview in which he stated that he would be reluctant to sign on for another season after his current deal ends at the end of next season if the show returns.Which means the death of the show without nathan and haley.

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