I'm Gonna Make This Quick: This Show Takes Me to My Happy Place Every Freakin Time : )

Since I'm so late writing this, I'm just going to make it short and sweet: I freakin love Glee yall! Okay?!

You guys know I can't just leave it with that, Lol...here's a quick rundown:

Loved the Slow-Mo, Voice-over Battle between Will & Sue, specifically:

Sue: God, it feels good to finally pop that zit known as Will Schuester

Will: Shut up Sue!

My Funny Sue

Sue was hilarious throughout, as usual, and found yet another way (and I believe the funniest so far) to zing Will on his permed hair...L.O.L. Here's a few of the funny, courtesy of Sue:

Every last bit of her dialogue during the Will/Sue Stadium Smackdown. I'm not going to type the transcript of it here...if you haven't seen it, do your funny bone a favor and watch, because if there was nothing else worth watching in this epi, I would watch it just for that scene.

Her randomly yelling at that kid and knocking the drink out of his hand after she & Will's stadium fight.

Her citation of the Show Choir Rule Book.

When she chose "Sue's Kids," calling out "Wheels, Gay Kid, Asian, Other Asian, Aretha & Shaft...L...O...L! I love how this show hilariously exploits the crap people are really thinking.

The fact that she salted the back yard of a house she sold to a nice, young couple so nothing could ever grow there...Why? Because they tried to get her to pay their closing costs.

When Principle Figgins (in what I think of as a throwback to Ari's famous "Hug it out b*tch" line from Entourage) had Sue & Will hug it out, and as they hugged, Sue said she was about to vomit down his back.

She has 1st-hand experience with the struggle of minorities in America, because she's 1/16th Comanche Indian...we know from the last epi that she was born in the Panama District, so Sue's (pseudo?) heritage is pretty interesting...

There were more funny Sue moments, but I'm sorry, besides making this write-up way too long, you should experience them in all their glory...watch/re-watch this epi and prepare to just laugh your ash off.

The Funny From Everybody Else

That obstetrician is funny...he does a perfect deadpan...I love it. And the two crazies- Terri & her sister- really do need to be on psychotropic medication...

I've actually started to enjoy watching Finn now...I know the character's still a dunce, but CM seems to be infusing him with much more personality now...he's doing a great job. Lol...I was not expecting "Drizzle"...

When Artie said "Bye White people" as he rolled out of the joint jam session w/the rest of the diversity crew...Umm, because he's White...

Quinn to Rachel: "Don't play stupid with me Stubbles." LOL.

Rachel telling the Glee kids to follow her lead as she showed them how a real storm out was done, and the football gleeks carrying "Wheels" up the auditorium stairs on their way out.

Gross Moment

When Jacob told Rachel the independent polling company in his Dockers has determined she was the hottest girl in the school.

Other Thoughts

Enjoyed the Gleek jam sessions and other musical performances. Those kids can sing...even without the slick production. The raw version is cool every once in a while, but I enjoy both because we know they're talented, and anyways, this isn't a reality TV show...

It was touching to see tears in Will's eyes when he saw the image of his fake child...I am SO going to enjoy seeing this s**t hit Terri in the face.

I love how Kurt & Mercedes exchanged a finger twirl after he backed her up against Rachel. I have to say, though, that I think they have been doing a good mix of hip-hop, pop & rock so far...So Mercedes, you were off on that one...but I loved the song: you worked that one out girlfriend.

Why didn't Will expect Sue to cheat on the coin-toss, and why is he going to trust her with set schematics for the group, when he knows what kind of person she is? Come on Will...but they've gotta keep the drama goin', right? We know she just switched up her tactic to screw the Gleeks during competition. Although I'm rooting for my Gleeks, I look forward to whatever she has planned, because it will most likely be hilarious.

Ok, so this write-up wasn't short, but to sum it all up Gleek dudes and dudettes: this epi was totally sweet and has further entrenched me in Gleek fandom. Gleek 4 Life Bay-bay!


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