Funny, Funny Glee on Vitamin D (Glee Season 1, Episode 6)

I've said this before and I'll say it again: Jane Lynch is absolutely awesome.

She had me in stitches in this epi...I mean my eyes were literally watering. She started off with Will & Emma at lunch: she interrupted Emma mid-sentence, told her to stop talking, and informed them that she would hold her tongue no longer, because their conversation put bile in her mouth...she then shared her method for motivating the Cheerios: randomly kicking one out every week, and as usual, called Emma something other than her name- this week, it was "Ellen," after which, she played her regular Connect-Emma-To-Crazy game, calling her bright fluorescent blouse, with the big shoulder-to-shoulder bow, insane.

The hilarity continued with Coach Sue's "Dear Journal" segment which had me laughing from beginning to end. During her time of reflection, we found out that she broke her juicer trying to make a smoothie out of beef bones (hahaha...what?), her goal is to buy a hovercraft, and that she was about to turn 30 (alrighty then). I also have to say lol at her mention of Will's hair- this is the second time she's mentioned it, and this time, she called it a "store-bought home perm," LOL, I didn't even know he had a perm until she brought it up a few epis And then, her conversation with Terri had me laughing tears again...her euphemisms are a trip: "Let me be frank: Your husband's hiding his kielbasa in a Hickory Farms gift basket that doesn't belong to you." LOL! And omg...why did she trip that old lady down the stairs? Hahaha...Ok, that should not be funny, but this is a comedy and it's not real, so was. :D She proceeded to pound my funny bone, with what I consider to be the funniest line of the epi, when she called Emma "a mentally-ill ginger pygmy with eyes like a bush baby"...L.O.L...Hahahaha!!! She delivered so many funny lines in this epi that the best thing for you to do, if you haven't seen it, is just to watch the epi and be ready to laugh your hiney off.

Wemma, Germophobia & Vitamin D Power

Ok, Emma has taken her OC behavior to another level...what was up with the plastic gloves and tall salad container? It was like she had her food in incubation or something. It was a cute moment for Will & Emma, though...I was surprised at how they upped the flirtation level a notch or two: first, when Emma let Will know he had mustard in his "cute Kirk Douglas chin dimple," then, Will responded by sticking his tongue out in a "supposed" attempt to lick it off, and then when they both leaned towards one another across the table, so Emma could wipe it off, they had another another one of their "Wow, I want you" pauses before both sitting back in their chairs.

Unfortunately, this love train was derailed when Coach informed Terri about Will & Emma's "affair," encouraging her to go to the school and sniff out the sex pheromones circulating between them, and while she was at it, to apply for the recently vacated school nurse's position. Although Terri got the position and lost it in one episode (due to becoming a methamphetamine pusher), she was there long enough to encourage Ken Tanaka to propose to Emma and give him the drugs he needed to do it. She also took every opportunity to terrorize Emma: it was funny when Terri licked her finger and wiped it on Emma's glass to wipe off her lipstick, know Emma was horrified...she then paid Emma an office visit to tell her that she had no chance with her husband- comparing their competition to one between a hammer and a nail. She topped it off by letting Emma know her best bet was to marry Ken Tanaka because he was single and available. Oh, and Emma was aghast (as was I) when Terri exploited her germaphobia, again, by saying Tanaka's fondue pot of nationalities would open her children with him up to a host of genetic diseases...Wow. I don't know how to take that Terri...So now you're a selfish, lying, crazy, drug-pushin' racist? Well, I guess Will really does need to kick your a** to the curb. Let Wemma commence!

It may be awhile, though, because since Will didn't give her a reason not to, Emma accepted Ken's proposal, albeit, with stipulations that they continue to live on opposite sides of town and not see one another after school hours, lol. Anyways, Wemma has been kicked back a few steps with this recent development, and I 'aint too happy about that. : ( I hated to see them walking in opposite directions at the end...Terri sucks ;| But, then again, her little plan actually backfired, because it's started to make Will realize how little they really have in common, and the negative effect she has on him achieving his goals, so a big Yay for that. Unfortunately, however, Principal Figgins considered Will negligent in his responsibility to the Glee kids by fostering a competitive environment that played a part in influencing them to take take Terri's OTC "D Vitamins." (Btw, wasn't the principal irresponsible when he hired Terri as the school nurse, knowing the bulk of her previous experience was in folding hand towels at Sheets N Things?) Anyways, now Will has to share his Glee responsibilities with a co-director: Coach Sue of all people. She is, as she said, going to help them do a little "puttin' on the ritz" (80's lovers, remember the song by Taco?) and we know, with her newfound creative control, will do her best to sabotage their success. I guess this is a way to work JL into the show more, so that's good...I think this is going to be interesting...

Sunny D

The Gleeks, high on Terri's uppers, gave us some pretty good performances in this epi. I enjoyed the guys and gals respective mashups: the guys' Bon Jovi/Usher blue-light special ("It's My Life"/"Confessions") was pretty charged; and the girls' sunny 80's/00's mashup of Beyonce's "Halo" and Katrina & The Waves' "Walkin on Sunshine" was fun.

Funny Gleeks

The Gleeks had their comedy moments in this epi, also:

Kurt, begrudgingly, walking from the girls' side to join the guys after Will told the girls and guys to split into groups.

Puck: "We should get some trashcan lids and stomp the yard up in this piece" (I <3 Puck : )

Arty: (to Will regarding their competition with the girls) "We're planning on smacking them down like the Hand of God" (lol)

Kurt (about the guys group):"They declined my offer to do their hair in cornrows." (Kurt never fails to crack me up : )

When Quinn confessed to Rachel that she was the one who drew pornographic pics of her on the bathroom walls...Wow. That was a weird moment, actually...

When Rachel apologized to Finn for calling him contemptible and deplorable, and he told her it was alright, because he didn't even know what those words meant. : )

Other Thoughts: Finn had even more personality this week on the D...I don't support drug use, though, so maybe he should take up Rachel's 6 am & protein shake schedule...but he's been improving every week, so I say onward & upward Finn...onward & upward...

Has that other blonde cheerleader been on the show all this time? You know...the one that Arty tried to high-five after Will told the Gleeks about their competition for regionals? I hadn't noticed her before this epi...actually, the lil' boy band had some faces I hadn't noticed either...guess those are some of the football players.

I'm wondering about something...when Rachel told Finn that the mashup they had planned was spectacular, I wonder if the writers were making reference to that show choir/glee club movie "Spectacular!"... The way she said it reminded me of a scene or two from that movie, in which the head of the show choir was talking about her group, Spectacular...maybe it was just a coincidence. Btw, I liked that was cheesy but cute & fun.

Anyways, this was another great epi which, as usual, has me looking forward to next week's installment...until then, folks, stay Gleeful! : )


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