Brats, Teens & Other Crazy Things (Lincoln Heights S4E2: "Persons of Interest")

Things have started to pick up in this epi. I like the addition of Lizzie's new friend...she seems to be an interesting character, and the actress did a good job making you care something about her. I think Lizzie's high school s/l may turn out to be pretty interesting...RNB is one of the best actors on the show, in my opinion, and I'm looking forward to watching her traverse the dramatic, rocky road of high school cliques, rejection, teen angst, and puppy love.

I'm glad Nate Ray finally told Tay the truth about himself, b/c he's been acting like a brat...and now Jenn is too. She's acting pretty immature about this whole situation...Nate is the child Eddie fathered when he was a teenager, loong before he even knew her, and he just found out that Nate was his, some 20 yrs later. Jenn's been b*tchy about it since then, and though I know Nate's mom can be a bit much sometimes, it seems to me that much of her negativity towards Jenn was in response to Jenn's nasty-tude. The party was going great and everyone was in good spirits, and then, rather than showing her son how to be kind and mature, she asks the lady to leave, Nate leaves, and the party is a bust. I can understand her being a little insecure since Dana was Eddie's first love who, it turns out, had his first child, but it's obvious he's in love with, and fiercely committed to, Jenn and the kids. She and Tay are acting like azzes and I don't like this side of them...but I suppose family life can't be all peaches and cream can it? Especially not on a family drama...

Anyway, I'm glad Charles came back...they actually had me a little concerned that he may have been going on an extended road trip. I'm glad he came back and didn't disappoint Cassie (at least for now) was so sweet to see her asleep by his apartment door waiting for him. <3

Umm...when I said they needed to bring Lund back, last week, I meant him, not his annoying child Sage...and what was up with her living in Charles' apartment building? The Suttons (or at least Lizzie) didn't even know she was in town, and there's been no mention of her, but she actually lives in Charles' building, and he knew, but hasn't spoken w/Cassie at all about it? Weird...then he actually opens the box and lets Sage know what's inside? What the...? I thought they were going to have her sneak a peek, which would have been expected (so I guess that's why the writers didn't go that route), but seriously: why would they have him share that with Sage? Granted, I know he feels he can't tell Cassie about the money (since he got it from that hole in the wall of her attic and has been using it) but come on...Sage? Are they supposed to be developing some sort of bond or something now? Puh-leeze...anyway, I'm definitely interested in seeing how they're going to explain this next week.

In summary, I'm interested in seeing what Lizzie's teen-ship (the high school years) will bring; Jenn & Tay are acting like little bwitches...I don't like it when the Suttons aren't getting along; ( and what going on w/Charles? Why for the love of Chassie is he confiding in Sage of all people? He doesn't trust anyone else, but he trusts Sage? Now, I'm thinking that he'll probably say he had to let her in on it b/c of the cop situation, and he may have to leave the toolbox at her house, in case they come back to search, but we know all of this is a ticking time-bomb for Chassie...sigh...I guess we'll see how it all plays out...


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