All I have to say is "Way to go!" to Brooke for putting that ho-bag in her place; to Mouth for fightin' the power; and last, but not at all least, to Haley for going against appearances and choosing to believe in your husband...long live Naley. : )

P.S. I sure hope Dan flips the script on that psycho...I know there's got to be a twist or two in here somewhere...


Default avatar cat
Oct 22, 2009 12:05AM EDT

starry i agree with u on brooke however i felt it would have been more dramatic if when alex opens the door she slaps her in the face.mouth has just reestablished himself as a great friend and journalist by standing up for what he believes in despite what might be the case speaking of nathans issues what was your opinion on the horrible excuse he gave haley regarding renees phone number on his bills,Hales i ring up women to tell them i have a wife and family who trust me.what? I find myself hoping millie will now leave the show my opinion of her has been negative since the owen incident and this current storyline where i believe she is going down the road of turning into rachael.I am starting to believe that the show wouldnt have gone down this storyline without nathan being guilty despite that what dan is doing is another in his long history of horrible acts committed against his sons one other reason iam starting to believe renee is because i have read the title of a upcoming episode which i interpret to mean he actually did it the ep is called iam my fathers son.dans rap sheet is amazing hes bad but a great character to watchabandoned his sonchild abuseemotionally blackmailing his wifepaying keller to seduce his daughter inlawblackmailing the mayormurderering his brotherstrangling his sonpaying a women to seduce his brothershooting the nannytrying to have his sons marriage anuledis there anything i have missed

Default avatar cat
Oct 22, 2009 12:15AM EDT

starry i forgot quinn and clay,quinn hasnt redeemed herself in my eyes during this episode the argument she had with nathan was bewildering she accuses him of hiding from his troubleswhile she hides not only from her own troubles but continues to offer no support to haley.At least clays character is starting to slowly become more three dimensional with the introduction of the mystery women.jamie or deb werent in this ep do you know why?

Default avatar cat
Oct 22, 2009 8:22PM EDT

Lol...I agree that they should have let Brooke slap that ho, then tell her she was fired. I'm all for people trying to better themselves, but Alex wasn't getting it...she was just flat-out disrespectful and didn't care.
Oh yeah, I was proud of Mouth for standing up for what was right...hopefully, his career will be alright...
Lol, when Nathan said that, I was thinking that what he said made sense b/c I can imagine, as a pro athlete, that groupies would call, and rather than him being annoyed by their constant calls, he would just answer/call the person and tell them they didn't have a chance. They never said whether the calls were incoming/outgoing, so we don't know what the deal was...based on the stunt she pulled at Jamie's party, I'd say she's a scheming liar. I was also thinking that if all of it was true, then he just really played Hales really good by coming up with a logical excuse, while simultaneously, laying the guilt-trip on her.
Millie can be annoying sometimes...I don't necessarily want them to kick her off though. I think they need to have her tone it down a bit, b/c she just acts so frantic all the time, and it gets to be a bit much...I was glad that she and Mouth got back together, but now I'm thinking they should bring back one of his old flames like you suggested.
Oh man...are you serious? I hope they just titled the epi that to throw us off...I don't think he did it, b/c if that was the case, why would she have had to get a pic with him at the party to frame him? Nah, I'm leaning towards her being crazy...in her mind, she may really believe all that happened. Oh yeah, Dan is definitely one of those "love to hate" characters...he's a good actor and can play the layers of that character perfectly- at times you hate him, and at other times, he draws your sympathy, but he is always entertaining. He definitely takes the show up a few notches. I had forgotten he did some of that stuff, but yeah, I think that list just about covers Dan's dirty deeds. Wow...he's really been the worst parent ever.
Yeah totvornottotv...I was, again, hoping that she would give me a reason to like her in this epi, but honestly, the actress playing Quinn just ain't got it...I'm sorry, but she is just boring. I was watching that scene w/her and Clay on the beach, and he had feeling and energy, but she wasn't giving that back to him...he was interesting and she was b.o.r.i.n.g.
I found myself thinking that the actress playing the mystery woman was more interesting than she was, and not b/c we don't know who the character is, but b/c she just acted interesting. I get the feeling that she is a figment of Clay's imagination, b/c he has periodically had a "haunted" look on his face since he came on the show...like he did something really troubling his past. This epi shed a little more light on that, so I'm definitely interested in seeing where his s/l is going...
The argument b/w Quinn and Nathan didn't make any sense, b/c why would he want to keep answering the phone to speak with reporters and/or hecklers? That's not cowardly...and you're right: she's the one who's been cowardly by not dealing with her husband like a grown woman, but a little girl running away from her problems. Those scenes with her & Nathan were just a plot point that was pointless...Anyways, when they showed Quinn walking into the ocean at the end, (I know this is bad, but...) I was hoping she was ending it...that's awful & terrible, but she's a character, on a TV show, that sucks (the character, not the show) so she's got to go. Although Alex has gotten on my nerves at times, she's been entertaining, and I hope they're not kicking her off and keeping "Miss Snoozeworthy" on. Ugh...
I noticed that too...where was Jamie? I don't think Deb has been on this season, has she?

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