Songs from Lincoln Heights Season 4, Episode 6: "With You I Will Leave"

Lincoln Heights features some pretty good music. If you liked the songs in this week's epi, listen to them here. Here's the list (although I didn't see the song I really wanted: the one that played when Lizzie left the dance):

Artist: Cinematic Tunes

Song: "Come Get Me Dawg"

The song plays when Eddie finds Jarone on the street.

Artist: Takbir Bashir

Song: "Take It Home"

The song is heard when Sylvia encourages Lizzie to talk to Andrew.

Artist: Slique

Song: "Got It 4 Me"

The song is heard when Cassie arrives to Sage's for their night out.

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Artist: Clippers

Song: "Give It To Me"

The song plays at the nightclub where Sage and Cassie go out for the night.

Artist: Danny Fernandes

Song: "Fantasy"

The song is heard at the Teen Night when Andrew shows Lizzie the picture of Gabriel.

Artist: Elliott Yamin

Song: "Wait For You"

The song plays at the Teen Night as Lizzie attempts to say goodbye to Johnny Nightingale while they dance.

Artist: Elliott Yamin

Song: "Keep On Loving You"

Artist: Yolanda Johnson

Song: "Fly Shine"


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