Great Epi: "I Will Rise Up" (Season 2, Episode 9)

I really enjoyed this episode...I watched it back to back last night and just finished watching it again! There were so many good moments in this epi:

First off, Eric is a trip! He had me cracking up with his sneaky self. I know he's been wanting Sookie for a while, but I knew when Bill told Eric (an episode or so ago) to accept that he and Sookie would never be, it was "game on." My first reaction (to Bill's informing Sookie that she was bonded with Eric by blood) was "can't she just drink some of your blood to cancel it out?"...but then I realized Eric is significantly older than Bill, so I suppose his blood would be more powerful. Ah well...I guess this was a great way to get the love triangle going. Honestly, although I didn't like the way Eric went about accomplishing it, I actually like the idea of Eric and Sookie together. I feel sorry for Bill b/c he's a sweetheart, and I liked him with Sookie also, but they were beginning to bore me. I want Sookie to help 'bad boy' Eric explore his good side a bit. I have to say that dream sequence was HOT...loved it!

I love Jessica and Hoyt...they're so cute. That is all. : )

Oh...and I'm glad Hoyt finally stood up to his mother and told her the truth about herself. Go Hoyt!

I'm glad Sam flew out of Maryann's trap again. Would they PLEASE kill her off already? I am definitely looking forward to that moment, and I hope it ain't quick and painless.

Ok, I thought it was hilarious that although Eggs was possessed, Lafayette still beat his a**...LOL! I thought they were supposed to have superhuman strength when their eyes went black...well, Lafayette was able to pick Tara up and run her out of there, so I guess that theory was wrong...or Maryann wanted them to get away for some reason. I don't know, but I just want her three episodes ago...

I thought the scene with Sookie & Jason was sweet. I could relate to Jason b/c I lost my grandma several months ago and have been feeling the same way. It was a poignant moment between the two and I'm glad they bonded. Of course, with those two, there had to be some funny. I thought it was hilarious when Jason apologized to her for being a dumba** and Sookie just sweetly told him it wasn't his fault, but it wouldn't happen if he'd do more with his brain than let it take up space in his skull, LOL...and how sometimes she just wanted to put his head in a bucket and kick it around the yard...LOL! I'm guessing they had to do a few takes with that dialogue...otherwise, both of them going through that with a straight face is a real tribute to their acting ability.

The finale with Godric was touching...Eric losing his only real friend, and Sookie being there with the reformed vampire at the end, was somewhat moving. I wonder if the title means that they'll go all the way with this savior allegory and bring him back...anyways, I am definitely looking forward to next week's installment. Wow...a whole week to wait & there are only 3 more epi's to go... : (



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Aug 17, 2009 10:10PM EDT

i think the only reason that Lafayette beats Eggs was because of the blood Eric gave him. He's still on a little blood power trip.

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Aug 17, 2009 11:51PM EDT

Ah, I forgot about vampire blood trumps Maenad mind control. I'm looking forward to Sookie and the vampire crew getting back to Bon Temps to kick that squatter out and send her back to whatever dimension she came from, or destroy her altogether...yeah, I'd definitely prefer the latter. I suppose the Queen will handle that...

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Aug 26, 2009 7:39PM EDT


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Aug 27, 2009 11:24PM EDT

I <3 Eric : )

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