Good Going 90210...

I think this may have been the best epi all season...interestingly enough, Naomi wasn't prominently featured, hmm...unfortunately, though, her annoys-the-h*ll-out-of-me sister was shown more than I would have liked, and I'll be glad when Liam exposes her a** for the phony, lying manipulator that she is.

Oh, and a round of applause for Debbie exposing that psycho Sasha and handing her walking papers...I think I was literally clapping on that part. I do think she should have told Dixon the truth, though, and that misstep will come back to bite her in the butt later...

Other Thoughts:

I don't like Teddy...he's just fake...

Considering her interaction with that crazy she's got for a bf, I guess Annie's on her way to becoming a mentally-abused druggy. On a somewhat positive note, though, I guess it'll give her the opp to bond with Adrianna at some point...poor Ade : (

What did you think about the turn of events in this epi?



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Nov 7, 2009 7:24AM EST

I hate Naomis sister.....arrrgghh....kill! I knew sasha was lying, good work Debbie woohoo. I had a hard time accepting Debbie cause she was so geeky on Full House, but I´m warming up to her. And I find it "realistic" (if thats possible in a drama show like 90210) that Adriana starts abusing again.
Me likey Liam :-) and the new surfer girl, its sad only that she is a rebound after NayAnnie WHINE(house) - new nickname and Jaspers CrappersFeeling for NavidWhatever happend to findind the love(read one-night-stand)child of Annies dad and Naomi mom......helloooWhat happend to Donna, wasn´t she opening a store in L.A or has she run back to Davis?Is Teddy supposed to be the new "Steve" of 90210?

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Nov 10, 2009 11:57PM EST

I agree that Adrianna's turn for the worst is realistic and I think that is what earned this epi a few more points...
I like Liam's relationship w/the new girl also...they seem to have good chemistry, and I'm hoping Liam is over Naomi...
Aww Navid : (
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about the love child s/l...I wonder why they dropped it? I wonder if they decided to bring on Teddy instead...I think that was a wrong call, b/c that s/l was interesting and Josh Henderson, the guy who played the brother/imposter was hot.

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Jan 6, 2010 6:21PM EST

HEYYYY i like Teddy, he is real when hes around Silver. i hope that relationship will go somewhere and not be ruined by Dixon's petty jealousy.

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