Ok, I'm Just Going To Say It... (OTH Season 7, Episode 3: "Raise My Hand While I'm Lowered"

Honestly, I don't care about Haley's sister, Quinn, and her problems, and I don't enjoy watching that annoying Alex. In this week's epi, it seemed there was too much focus on the new characters, and I don't think that's the direction the show needs to take this season. Why not focus on the characters we've grown to love over the years and let the others just play support? I think they should, at least, ditch the boring sister and the annoying actress chick, and bring on some more interesting characters in their place. What do you guys think?

P.S. I forgot to mention that Rachel is completely ugh-worthy...I'm hoping Dan will ditch her soon. I loved the restaurant scene towards the end, though...totally wasn't expecting it and had a :D on my face when it happened...also, I was touched when Nathan went to have his talk w/Jamie : (.



Oct 1, 2009 7:42AM EDT

I disagree, i really like Quinn, dont really like Alex, but i'll probs grow to like her, or hate her.. I think its kinda like a new show, and thats not a bad thing, cause after 6 seasons i tought OTH should end, and without Lucas and Peyton its like it has.. Dont get me wrong I love OTH, and still watch it, but honestly i feel like it isnt OTH anymore.. Its like a spin-off or something. And im really excited to see more of Quinn, and what Clay's story is.. Im also excited to see what happens when they find out Rachel and Dan are married (if they already havent)..

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Oct 1, 2009 1:35PM EDT

Quinn is nice & supportive, which is what Haley needs right now, but she is boring...hopefully, she will become more interesting as the season progresses.
The actress playing Alex is doing a fantastic job, but for me, watching the character is like listening to someone scrape their fingernails across a chalkboard. I'm hoping she's a more complex character than an annoying, selfish brat, in which case, I will either end up liking her (b/c she's nicer & more mature), or she'll be the character I love to hate (which is still good, b/c that's a character you enjoy watching, but hate their evil ways...you've got to have at least one of those on a show. Dan has been filling that spot in past seasons).
I agree, this is more like a spin-off of OTH...in a way, that's good b/c it's new & fresh...at the same time, though, I think they need to maintain the focus on the established characters while, gradually, incorporating the new characters' s/ls into the show...I guess that's what they're trying to do & I hope they will be able to strike that balance.
I'm interested in what the OTH gang thinks/will think about Dan's new persona and marriage. I wonder how Brooke & Rachel will interact now...will they rekindle their friendship? Maybe Rachel will switch places with Dan and become the LTH (Love To Hate) character...maybe she and Quinn will meet and become bbfs (baddie buddys forever). Guess we'll see...

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Oct 7, 2009 3:24AM EDT

i did think the show would be able to continue without both lucas and peyton until this current storyline with nathan and haley i say this from a continuity standpoint where i would of thought if your best friend and your brother were involved in something like this you would be on the first plane back to help.I can understand from a business standpoint on why the cw refused to agree to a larger contract for only two members of the cast murray and burton deciding to push for more money to me makes no sense when your are in a position without any bargaining power or another steady job is unbelievable I hope the two havent created such bad blood with the producers and showrunner that if the show returns next season they can both come back to the show

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Oct 8, 2009 2:02PM EDT

I agree totvornottotv...they should, at least, mention Lucas & Peyton calling or something for a show of support. I have to say, after the epi that just aired this week (4), I'm really starting to feel the hole they left now. I wasn't a Leyton-shipper or anything, but they did add something to the show. For most of the last two seasons they were on, they weren't written to be as interesting as they had been in the past, but they were still a significant part of the ensemble cast. I think the whole lot of them should have negotiated for a pay raise.
Anyways, although the show has moved on, the new characters aren't as interesting as Lucas & Peyton...the agent and the drama queen actress are ok, b/c they seem to have some layers, but that sister needs to go. I think the time they spend on her s/l is kind of a waste, b/c she's not interesting enough to take away from the others...maybe it's the actress...idk. I thought, in the 1st few epis, that I was going to want her to get w/the agent, but now that she's bored the heck out of me, I'm thinking it would be more interesting to have the actress w/the agent, eventually. Hopefully, the writers will gradually work towards that, and also, towards phasing the sis out. Writers, please send her back to her husband, or something...far, far away from Tree Hill. Thanks.

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Oct 13, 2009 3:42AM EDT

read this after watching ep 5 starry After having seen episode 5 of this current season i agree with you haleys sister must go her complete lack of compassion or a believable reason for leaving her husband are completely disastrous for the show I am unable to reconcile what she did at the end of this episode where she decided to stay at the clays house because their was too much drama at her sisters house what?she cant be serious her sister allows her to live for free in her home and when she needs someone to comfort her she bails thats ridiculous I wish they had chosen to bring back taylor instead i thought her character had a greater potential for development with the added tension over her history with nathan she could've been a really interesting addition considering the ground work for her character has already been established With the events of this episode concerning nathan and renee i am just about to stop watching this show if its proven he cheated to me its a killer blow along with brooke being used in spots for no reason why wouldn't she have been inserted into haleys story this makes no sense Lucas and peytons omission is felt even more in this episode where neither are mentioned i hope they can get out of this storyline quickly unscathed getting back to a couple of other characters who i feel have been under developed like mia i am unable to explain why the writers spent two season incorporating her into the story then bringing her back in spot duty in order to introduce new uninteresting characters like quinn while neglecting your core cast namely skills and mouth Dan has a small yet important role in this episode setting up what i see as a pivotal moment in this current storylines conclusion i don't like alex however she is still very watchable which helps to save her character she reminds me of rachael in season 3 like dan they are antiheroes who are essential to the story maybe im way off but i always thought mouth and brooke should have been together after lucas was destined to be with peyton brookes development as a character has been startling in my eyes based on where she begin her character has changed for the better going from a self absorbed childish brat in the first few episodes to a selfless intelligent understanding compassionate mature women who always has not only her own best interests at heart but also cares about the other people in her life

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Oct 13, 2009 7:29PM EDT

I agree, totvornottotv...I'm going to move this over to another discussion since the show's got two more epis under its belt now...my response over there

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