It's hard to believe it's been 100 episodes. So many things have happened.

I'm guessing that by 518 Lucas and Peyton will be back together. Nathan and Haley will most likely be back to normal by 516. I don't think we've seen the last of Chase. I have a feeling that he and Brooke will be together. They wouldn't have left things the way they were in Season 4 unless they were planning on a storyline. I think Owen is a great guy but I think it'll be nothing by sexual.

I don't believe that Dan is going to be a good guy. It seems to me that he took advantage of a bad situation to seem like a hero. I hope that by letting him in he'll choose to be the better of his two personalities. Lucas will never let his guard down when it comes to Dan and I don't blame him.

Andy is a total sweetheart. What he said to Lucas on the day of the wedding was such a selfless gesture. I hope he and Karen live happily ever after. I love the Aunt Lily joke. It's too cute.

Here's to the rest of Season 5! Keep us on our feet Mark!


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