Who do you think is the murderer??

(For people who haven't read the book) *Please don't spoil if you know!*

- 2 women have been killed so far

- Is the murderer trying to set up Sookie's brother?

- Do you think the murderer is a vampire? Or that nest of vampires?

- Both of the murder victims had sex with Sookie's brother AND vampires

- That dog is always around when bad things happen, could it be an evil vampire that can change shape? (far fetched yes lol)

- Her boss is jealous that she's seeing a vampire, it could be him trying to set up Bill..

Those are just a bunch of random thoughts on who/what could be responsible for the murders. What do you think?


Large newrachelimage
RachelL Editor
Sep 23, 2008 1:26AM EDT

I think it definitely has some connection to Sam. Either Sam is bad or in the very least is connected to everything it somehow. Between the barking in his sleep this week, the dog portrait in his office the week before and the fact that the dog was around right by Sam's trailer (and the lights were on) when Sookie got beat up...we are being given an awful lot of clues.I said early on to myself that Sam was the dog...but I want him to be good...Good or bad though, I feel like his character is currently underused and will soon be somehow woven into the larger plot...

Default avatar cat
Sep 23, 2008 2:31PM EDT

it might be some human who wants to accuse vampires ! by the way, how come they die, aren't you suppose to turn into a vampire after having been bitten ?!

Large jempurple
Sep 24, 2008 12:10AM EDT

Valene, I wondered the same thing. Usually in movies when a vampire bites someone, then they become partners/lovers forever. I am a bit confused by that!
RachelL, the dog reminds me a bit of Vincent from Lost. Always around before something dangerous happens! It could be Sam, maybe he's a vampire already? Or maybe the dog is a good vampire, and is guarding and/or protecting Sookie?

Sep 24, 2008 11:57PM EDT

In the books the only way to become a vampire is to have your blood completly drained and than drink from a vampire, like a transfusion. it will probably get to that later in the show.

Sep 25, 2008 9:32AM EDT

Dunno i wont post any spoilers but youll never guess who it is if they follow the book! I didnt!

Default avatar cat
Oct 2, 2008 11:43AM EDT

Well, if you read the first book of Southern Vampire series, you'll probably know who the murderer is. So don't do it! lol

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