i think that alicia from obsession, unsafe, and pariah roxxx....i had tears rolling down my face when i watched this episode...i was sad as hell...i mean Alicia was the one gile Clark could actually relate 2 and then she dies...later his dad dies, lana leaves him, martha leaves, pete left, chloe is getting married, and he literally has almost no one to talk to...i mean alicia was the one thing in her life that was awesome, he doughted her(i dont hold him responsible or anything) because of this retarded sand guy, lana is being a bitch 2 her and then when Clark was about 2 kill the sand guy...lois comes in and stops him...why would`nt Clark kill him...because clark is not a bad guy..he doesnt kill...but then lana has no sympathy 4 Clark when Alicia dies and then Clark suddenly gets overrr Alicia? my opinion, Alicia should`nt have least in that season...maybe season 5 or something...but w.e but then the sand dude should`ve died. I think Clark and Alicia make a better couple than Lana and Clark, Lois and Clark, and Chloe or who everrr else gets with clark...He could RELATE AND TALK to ALICIA...thanx 4 reading

...please comment and tell me ur opinion..thanx again...

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Oct 10, 2008 6:20AM EDT

Ok, while I too loved Alicia, I just don't think Clark deserved her. I mean, he doubted her, but one of the main that people need in a relationship is trust. He should have done everything to prove it wasn't her before letting other people and circumstances sway him. She really turned around, all that crazy she had was gone, and it was so obvious just from the way she was behaving that she was innocent. I mean, she was literally dripping with crazy the first time around, so that Clark looked really stupid from not picking up on it then....but he's usually pretty thick.
I don't think Alicia was the proper fit for him, even though he could share the fact he had powers with her. He wasn't completely honest with her and god knows how long it would have took him to tell her the whole truth, and in the mean time she would be trying to out him to the public b/c she thinks it would make his life "easier" and "more honest". I think Clark has proved that he's too much of a boob to be honest with the people around him when it actually might help and he likes to wait until the last friggin minute. I mean, hello, Lana was supposed to be the love of his life and she was constantly in danger anyway, yet he waited until after she married one of the most notorious super villains of all time and became partially evil herself to finally tell her and even then she had to find out herself!
I don't think world of Smallville would have been good to Alicia after she and Clark would have eventually broken up (b/c lets face it, Clark would find some way to mess it up). She might have gone back to being totally nuts-o b/c the whole town had a hate on for her, her parents would realistically still be scared to death of her, and she had no one else to turn to. Loneliness, previously being crazy, and being beyond certain human limitations is a cocktail for trouble. If the JLA was together when she was around, I think she might have left Clark and become a super hero:) (Best Case Scenario)
Now I don't think that he deserves Chloe either, but I think she would be a good match for him. Think about it, she's been on his side and had his back this whole time (even when Lionel got her at a weak moment to spy on Clark, she snapped out of it hella quick and didn't give anything away). She always liked him for who he was, and completely accepted him after she found out all the "extra stuff". She's actually useful when these weirdo problems come up and she's come to the rescue without being all evil about it (like Lana sometimes did things in an evil way or was completely useless--and btw, how the hell does Lana not notice hottie Clark across the friggin street and in a tiny school system in a farm town until junior year?!) She's got coolio powers too now and lets face it, she's really not all about Jimmie.
And I have to be honest and say that I've never been crazy about Lois. I mean, she's bad-ass, don't get me wrong; but who spends ridiculous amounts of time with Clark Kent and doesn't realize that he's super? Hello...and she's supposed to be a reporter......

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Oct 10, 2008 6:24PM EDT

well...u do bring up a point but it sounds like u have a grudge against clark or something..i mean he does have a huge secret to keep and him and lana have know eachother since like 7 yr. old or something....also, i mean clark has been through sooo much because like doctor swann, lionel, and jonathan kent all risked thier lives to protect clark`s secret. And i mean he thinks every bad things that happen in the world are his fault and like i mean he feels sooo guilty and growing up in a high school were people hate media freaks and want to try and killl them or gang up on them....i dont blame him...he also wants to play football and hang out with his friends but if he gets caught up in the game or something, uh oh..his secret is put.. i mean really???.....alicia..dead...seson 4?...maybe she could`ve dies in season 5because of lex or something... i feel sooooo bad 4 clark...thanx again

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