Dexter Who's The Real Serial killer

As Thanksgiving arrives so do the complications in Dexter's(Micheal C.Hall) life.Dexter continues to unravel the life of Arthur Mitchell(John Lithgow).More, and more the monster in Arthur is becoming evident.Now you can choose who the real monster is.Who ,and when will be the next victim of the trinity killer(Lithgow),and when will Dexter kill him remains to be the question as the saga continues.As Arthur family exposes themselves as his human Shields you start to feel as Dexter that this man needs to die.You begin to see the difference between the two killers.Dexter has a code he kills by.He kills people who need to die.Arthur kills people to fill his own agenda.

Dexter's ability to transform from the self proclaimed monster he is continues to baffle us all.How can one man change from monster to family man to blood splatter specialist in a blink of an eye.

If you are like most people you will find Arthur Mitchell so scary you will cringe every time you see him.Just the sight of his face raises the hairs on my back.John Lithgow deserves a nomination for an Emmy award for his performance in this show.

You can catch all the new shows on Showtime on Sunday evenings.Only 3 more till this season is over.


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