Season 1 Ep 18: So basically any storyline not involving cleveland can be decent

Following last week's disgrace of an episode (3/4 of the episode involved flatulence jokes) I was about ready to pack this show in altogether. I don't really know why I have watched thus far seeing as almost every episode has ranged from average to terrible. But I thought I'd give it one more shot this week and something suddenly dawned on me, storylines that don't revolve around the main character can be okay and pretty funny.

The problem with the cleveland character is that the show has made him into a sexist, obnoxious, selfish person, and there just isn't anything likeable about him anymore. At least in family guy jokes that could be offensive are done in a sort of playful OTT way so that you can tell it is clearly a joke. But in the cleveland show there is so much racism and sexism going on that it takes all the humour out of the jokes. This is especially true about storylines revolving around cleveland. His side of the show this week revolved around himself and his co-worker accidentally becoming a prostitute and a pimp. This could have been a very funny setup, but how excited Cleveland got about being a pimp really sucked all the humour out of the situation. Cleveland hitting his 'bitch' was apparently supposed to be funny, after all he found it hilarious, but honestly it just makes you think you would have to have something wrong with you to enjoy that.

Elsewhere the episode followed Cleveland Jr. trying to land the girl he has fallen for at school. Rowlo was convinced into helping C Jr. in his plight and it created some great scenes between the two. Kanye west cameos as C Jr.'s love rival, playing a pre-famous version of himself. All this culminated in a rap off between Kanye and Jr. and honestly it was easily one of the highlights of this entire show, so at least this show knows how to use a guest star well. The greatest thing about this storyline was that it was light on rude offensive jokes and was genuinely funny.

Rating: 3.5/5

Cleveland really brings this score down. Yeah that sounds weird since the show is supposed to be about him.


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