Question about The Science in the Physicist *may be spoilers*

Okay so was i imagining things or was there absolutely no mention of hodgins' tattoo of Angela and him being left out in some sort of desert?

did they say anything about what happened? how he got back? whether he told anyone about the tattoo?

did i miss an episode or was it not in there?

I for one was looking forward to hearing the details. i mean sure it probably isn't that important but it would have made for an interesting tale.

Anyone know any details? or have any theories or insights?

Personally i thought that was a great revenge. tattooing a picture of Angela on his arm. Classic.


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Sep 10, 2009 9:30PM EDT

No, I'm pretty sure that there was never any mention of that scene again. They probably figured it was better left unsaid, and left it to our imaginations. But yeah, so classic.

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