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i love this show...and i am only up to season 1 episode 3. Just gotta say that was the funniest line when Lassador(sp?) says "i will throw every book i can find at you" and then shawn goes "what if you find the bible, are you gonna throw that at me to? Seems a little sacrilegious to me don't ya think" lol funny.

has anyone watched that new show with simon baker? I think it's called the mentalist? I have only seen the ads but it looks like a <crappy> non-funny version of this. What do you think?


| 00:33 EDT, 15 Mar, 2009
and at the same time if you will notice i said "it looks like..." because when i wrote this i hadn't seen the show. i was judging by the ads and quite clearly asked for the opinion of others who had seen the mentalist. just because i like psych doesn't mean i refused to watch the mentalist. don't read more into what i wrote then what it says. i was asking for opinions and giving my view going by what the ad portrayed.
| 18:50 EDT, 14 Mar, 2009
ahh why?? evey time i find a psych or mentalist discussion i see this. they are not the same . the only connection is the psychic thing and it was done differently by each. shawn only has observation patrick has that and so much more. yes the mentalist is more serious, but its still good and definately original. ive watched both of these shows and i like them both. i like the mentalist a bit more but that doesnt keep me form watching psych. be a little open minded here. just because your fave show is psych dont discount another because you see one similarity, that kind of attitude will cause you to miss out on so much. tv is all about enjoying yourself and getting involved in the moment while you watch. so enjoy and stop comparing, it closes off the mind to other options and experiences that could very well turn out worth it.(this applies to thing beyond the tv world too ;^P)
| 12:39 EST, 19 Feb, 2009
and psych is a rip off monk but nobody seems to be complaining about that. monk is obviously better but lets not go into that.
| 16:14 EST, 24 Jan, 2009
So in another words....yeah its a non-funny version of Psych.
| 01:51 EDT, 04 Oct, 2008
the mentalist is actually not that bad, it has a more serious take, simon baker plays an investigator who used to trick the masses that he had psychic abilites

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