Episode Recap: "You Did This"

Looks like Lauren is down another friend. On this week's episode of The Hills, Audrina heard a nasty rumor about Lauren and Justin hooking up and instead of brushing it off as Hollywood gossip, she did the unthinkable. She believed it. Okay so it's not crazy to think your boyfriend and your best friend have hooked up when you hear about it from multiple accounts, but in this case I have to side with Lauren. So here's how it all went down.

Audrina was shocked to hear from Dino, a good friend of Justin's, that JB and Lauren had hooked up. She immediately called the two of them to find out the truth but while Lauren denied it and was really hurt that Audrina would even question it, Justin couldn't even have the courtesy to return her phone call. Lauren tells Lo all about the accusation and when Lo says it's laughable, Lauren says, "I couldn't resist his charm, his manners, his impeccable hygiene. I was under the Justin Bobby spell." Hearing her say that was probably the best part of the episode.

Over at Spencer's, Holly drops by to pay her sis a visit. Since she's not there, Holly is left to deal with Spencer who calls her "little miss trader" and says that Heidi doesn't want to see her. And Spencer had to throw in that she'd mention to Heidi, "Hey that girl who's staying with LC stopped by but we didn't have anything in our fridge, so she left." Ouch. At least Holly doesn't take his crap. "All you care about is yourself," she says.

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Nov 27, 2008 3:41AM EST

What is it with the idiot and the fridge? He said something similar to his sister in previous episode when they had a takeaway. Does he think the Hollywood starlets are starving? He is obviously intelligent enough to know nobody would actually come by the apartment to enjoy his wonderful company! It still surprises me every episode that Heidi hasn't seen sense yet and left the parasite.

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