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has the show finished now or has there been a renwal but i missed it ?


| 03:37 EDT, 27 Aug, 2009
that sucks it was a good show
| 03:17 EDT, 27 Aug, 2009
also i just checked it was not renewed do to low ratings,
| 03:14 EDT, 27 Aug, 2009
it isn't just that he was fired, but the entire ending scene, where he is off apparently traveling around somewhere, with a bag, his guitar and a dog. it seemed to be a fitting end, if they brought it back after him being fired, and walking off into the world. it would just never be the same.
| 00:23 EDT, 19 Aug, 2009
Considering that Jack was pretty much irrevocably fired from the hospital, I don't think it's coming back.
| 16:52 EDT, 18 Aug, 2009
I would be so sorry if the show was to be cancelled!!! I LOVED IT!!! There was no shallow character, and I would like to know more about each of them. The therapeutic creativity of the leader was capable of rendering efficient a team of very learned but very self absorbed and too orthodox psychologists.
| 20:37 EDT, 17 Aug, 2009
It hasn't been announced yet one way or the other, but it was no great success, so if I had to guess, I would say no.
| 15:24 EDT, 17 Aug, 2009
so is there to be no season 2 ?
| 14:48 EDT, 17 Aug, 2009
Mental had a 2-hour finale this past Friday, 8/14, so episodes 12 and 13 make up the finale.

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