Episode Recap: "Pinocchio's Mouth"

Charlie's new girlfriend wanted him to spend the night at her place. Charlie realized that he was very set in his ways, and he struggled with spending the night in a strange house. Alan attempted to punish Jake for getting kicked off the bus for mooning the girls track team.

Charlie's new girlfriend told Charlie that there should be some give and take in their relationship. She was spending the night at Charlie's house in Malibu almost every night and Charlie hadn't stayed at her place once. She told him that he only wanted to see her at his place and at his convenience. Charlie really didn't want to spend the night at her place at all, but he agreed to spend the night at her house to make her happy.

Jake wanted to spend some quality time with Alan, so Alan knew something was up. He asked him what he did. He wouldn't tell Alan, so Alan was going to call Judith, so Jake confessed that he got kicked off the bus for mooning the girls track team. Alan decided to punish Jake for two weeks by denying him access to any form of entertainment, such as the TV and the internet. In response to this, Jake said, "Couldn't you just smack me with a belt and get it over with?"

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