just watched the latest episode of sanctury can this show get any better i hope so its one of the best shows going i cant wait till the next episode



Default avatar cat
Dec 20, 2008 8:10PM EST

They need some more of the Druitt and maybe some sparks between Ashley and Will (Nubbins....Oh so close) but I have to agree with you

Default avatar cat
Dec 21, 2008 5:05PM EST

I'm starting to dislike the show. they have no direction so far. They have a few possible story plots to go with and they just come up with nonsense one ep after the next.
Like what was that all about with Magnus' father? I mean how many people from the 19th Century are immortal here? Will seems like a meaningless character to me. He just looks at stuff and figures out what happened or whats happening.
Now the Driutt & Ashley thing is a good direction to go with as well as Henry's Werewolf background. Also the Ep with the Vampires can make a hell of a story plot. Vamps taking over the world and enslaving the human race with only ab-normals getting in their way. That would be something to see but they havent done it so far.

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