Episode Recap: "The Surplus"

In "The Surplus", Michael - shortly after Oscar explains to him what a surplus is - needs to make a Solomonic decision by EOD: should he use the extra money to replace the decrepit copier, or invest in brand new chairs? Oscar (copier) and Pam (chairs) lead the opposing camps, with Jim surprisingly siding with Oscar. Meanwhile, Andy, Angela and Dwight head over to Schrute farms to scope out the site of their wedding.

By the way, before we dive in, did you read the recent news that The Office is going to be showcased in a one hour special after the Super Bowl? Sweet, huh?

I loved "The Surplus." It had a number of absolutely laugh-out-loud moments, it strayed away from saccharine Jim and Pam and, most importantly, I loved that it involved an actual business scenario that had to be resolved by the end of the day. In my opinion, these episodes tend to be the best because they're the most tightly structured, and because it allows The Office to send up office life. There are a number of highlights, so let's get to them.

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