Bonfire of the Vanity: Was that an 18th Birthday, Blair?

In this episode was Blair's 18th birthday. You would expect it to be as big as the Oscars, but it was as far from Blair Waldorf and the red carpet as possible.

Blair, this year, insists that she have a "grown-up" party. One in which, people don't drink like crazy, hookup with other peoples boyfriends, or play Guitar Hero. The only teens she invites are her followers from the Constance Billiard School for Girls. The rest of the guest list included their parents, Eleanor's business partners, and Chuck.

The party was pretty boring, I mean, how could it be cool? Jenny didn't crash it, Chuck didn't make a move, Nate didn't befriend anyone, etc. The most we got was from Isabel and the others getting turned on by some random lacrosse player 100 feet away.So unGossip Girl. So lame!

I must say, Blair's 17th birthday (episode: Seventeen Candles) was WAY better. This one was plain boring without action. For half the show I was convinced that this was one of Eleanor's business parties. Anyeays, Cindy Lauper appears in this episode, but only acts for 10 seconds...whatever!

Overall, Blair's party was lacking too much. I expected it to be at the Plaza Hotel or at the Met or at Butter or atleast at a bar. And, not only was the whole episode PG, (except for Blair's wierd naked dress. It was some wierd Frech-artist looking thing...with her whole bare back showing. If Chuck was there, he'd be in! O well, his loss) but nothing that happened meant anything much at her party.


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Nov 14, 2008 12:19AM EST

I just wrote something about this in another review, but I'm glad to do it again.
blairs bday is a place for conflict, and the writers must have some board of directors or review panel up their ass for keeping it so PG.
this wasnt even about her birthday, which it should have been. it was about everything else. they have a few to many story lines going on right now to worry about poor blair and her birthday. despite that, the fact she is on having interactions with ANY other major GG character is throwing the whole show off, that and the complete absence of the gossip girl herself. did you hear her saying anything in this episode? I didnt, and I just finished watching the episode for the second time.
the conflict is gone, there is only one love connection, and thats serena, which is duller then a prison cell. a blair birthday should, and needs to be, a launch pad for more plot lines and character conflict. considering the shows name, it should be a breeding ground for gossip and yet we get a horrible cameo from cindy. she should stick to music.

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