"Just Say Me" What an EWWY episode!

This show consistently pushes the limits of what is appropriate and what is not. Now that they've brought masturbation in, it is completely inappropriate. No one talks about that at school! The show is all about sex. But the way they portray it is wrong. They don't have any sex scenes, but the show may as well be pornographic from the way they talk. They need to put in some wild parties and stuff.

What i'd like to see is Ricky and Amy together, and Amy to sleep with him and actually enjoy it, Ben and Adrian together solely for revenge (ben feels guilty but wants sex, and adrian just wants to hurt both ricky and amy), Grace and Jack to die (i dislike them very much, lol), Maddison and Lauren to turn lesbian, Griffin and Ashley to get boyfriends and to see more of Robbie and John! They should show Amy at work.


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