What Needs To Happen:

What needs to happen: Im getting bored here.

Jenny needs to finally get laid, but get pregnant. I really hate her stupid blonde hair and big eyes and makeup lol. She's such a bitch too, everything I hate except she's not a slut, yet.

Nate needs to become an a-hole. Sorry, but he's such a boring character. Grow a set, nate.

Serena should start partying and drinking and being a bitch and doing drugs again. Make her interesting.

Dan and Vanessa? I don't even know, something exciting. These two are such a boring couple lol, getting upset over their stupid screenplay things. Dan, sleep with Serena again, Vanessa, become a drunken whore.

Blair and Chuck were interesting last season, but now they suck. Blair, throw some parties and be a bitch. Chuck, be a manwhore again. You guys are split now, right?


Bring their son back. He can start a relationship with Vanessa instead, stir things up a bit.

Serena and the drug boy, whose name I forget need to have an affair.

Bring Serena and Eric's father into the show, please.

Show Jenny back at school as queen bee again.

Whatever happened to Lily's sister, by the way? Is she dead or something??


Default avatar cat
Apr 12, 2010 8:05AM EDT

I agree that something needs to happen...GG has gotten ridiculously boring...but the problem with your idea is that we've seen all that before..(except Jenny becoming a slut). The writers need to come up with some new material that will surprise us...not just keep repeating the same old s#!t.

Default avatar cat
Apr 13, 2010 5:57PM EDT

yeah, the season has gotten a little dull what with everything interesting "almost" happening and then not happening, and maybe serena and her mom should stop being lying sluts, jenny totally deserves to at least hook up with nate after all the $h*t that's gone down even though i hate what a bitch she's turned into, (didn't see that coming) but i must admit my hopes for excitement are pretty low as far as the rest of the season goes...

Default avatar cat
May 6, 2010 7:46AM EDT

Is anyone else finding Serena really annoying? Even after last week when Jenny was in the wrong trying to steal Nate I was on her side this week simply because Serena is just a complete idiot. Why is she being so horrible to Rufus considering she used to be really unhappy that her mum went through so many husbands and glad when she finally found Rufus. Following that how, after that not subtle speech he gave, didn't Serena or Lily realise what William is up to????
I realise she wants to get to know her dad but trying to completely shun Rufus is just pointless. Also when she told her dad to fight for Lily after that woman's secret about Rufus - I seriously hope nothing happened because I don't think that would be in character and would just be even more annoying.

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