Three L's in the Logo...?

What do the three stylized L's in the 'T' of "Tudors" represent?



Default avatar cat
Aug 2, 2008 11:43PM EDT

La main droite, c'est mon Seigneur. La vertu, L'Amour, La mort.
Translation: The right hand, it's my Lord. The virtue, The love, The death.
It's what was written on the sword that Anne was executed with (in the show at least). So they made the T in Tudors look like a sword and made it with the three L's from the French words at the end of the quote (La vertu, L'Amour, La mort). Cool, eh?

Default avatar cat
Aug 3, 2008 11:32AM EDT

Very cool. It's always admirable when a show's creators manage to drop hints and symbolism here and there. Makes it all the more interesting.

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