The Good Wife, Season 1 Review

After finishing a three day marathon, watching the first season of "The Good Wife", one concludes the show is a keeper.

When you take six episodes to actually start paying attention to the acting, it's a sign that the show is really well acted. All, literally all, actors are convincing within their roles. (Sure, some of the figurant lawyers look out of position but it's much better or at least much more tolerable than any episode of Law & Order ever)

The plot is interesting, is modern and is actual. The character in point, Alicia Florrick, is very likeable, to such a point where you find yourself cheering for her. Nobody actually sides with "the good wife", not even herself which is one of the reasons why you unconditionally pick her side since she's the unsung hero and we all love those. The son isn't really critical of dad at all, grandma refuses to acknowledge the situation, the daughter eventually flips and "the good wife" accepts the husband back, without one single outburst. That's odd. (Worth mentioning, though, that it was just the first season, therefore it may have been normal to hold stuff back)

The setting is polarizing. Law firm handling high profile legal cases while also struggling with the economy and the departure of one major partner holds your attention and somewhat captivates you.

The developments are great on the sense where it becomes clear that not everything is black or white, exploring how much "the good wife" struggles to pick a side between walk away from the father of her children or the man how hurt and humiliated her publicly, except for the fact that they're the same person.

It's tough to put together a forty minute show without developing secondary stories with secondary characters and although those stories aren't uninteresting, I don't really care about anything else that doesn't resume around "the good wife", whether is her struggling to adjust at work or her slowly and calmly being strong armed at home.

I find weird that on twenty three episodes the writers didn't explore the side of "the good wife" being overwhelmed about everything, not out loud or not to anybody but simply wanting out of this impossible situation she was in, not actually doing anything, such as calling out the husband or eventually choosing to stand for herself and her honor, but realizing her effort, stabilizing the family, and how nobody gives her credit for it inside the family. The sexual tension at work is great for her to explore the unappreciated side and maybe analyze the way her life is moving but it doesn't do it all. She is human too, therefore she should her anger and at some point display that anger.

One little resentment: the final scene of the premiere season when they force you to wait the entire offseason in order to know which call she'll answer, her husband calling her to go on stage or the boss calling her on the phone to discuss the affair they may or may not pursuit, is mean and excruciating. Although it does make you anxious about checking back in next season and it doesn't really hurt the show, it's cheap and it's not classy.

One other thing: characters may develop midway through the season but you don't really change their purpose. Either the grandma is demented or she's a manipulator. Either she matters or she doesn't.

I don't really know how the show did with the ratings but taking the product into the consideration, it was worth bringing back for a second season. With such an interesting plot, let's all pray that it doesn't blow with massive extensions. "The good wife" has a limited ceiling, maybe two more seasons tops. Be there while the main topic doesn't change and when they lose focus, run out because otherwise the show makes no sense. For now, enjoy solid performance and a valuable sociological matter combine on a can't miss TV series.


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