Episode Recap: "Copy Panel"

Olivia, Peter and Walter investigate a string of bank robberies where the baddies walked through vault walls to get to specific safe deposit boxes. We also found out that Walter may be connected to these robbers, as is the infamous Mr. Jones from a few episodes back. In other news, Olivia got drunk in order to score some intel and Peter likes card tricks.

Philadelphia: We open with a mess of a security room; with a dead guard and his blood splattered all over the closed circuit TV monitors. Then, inside a large bank, we see quite a few men in what looks like riot gear, but it's just high tech "robbing a bank" outerwear. Our friend Mitchell Loeb is back - he along with his cohorts set up their computer outside the safe deposit vault and run the equation/frequency from "The Equation." It disrupts the matter in the vault door and a guy wearing a wet suit walks right through the freakin' wall and into the safe. Cool.

The men are looking for safe deposit box 610 (hmm, a new number to dissect?), and finds it quickly. Another dude in enters the vault and helps the first dude set a charge to blow the box open - but they only have 57 seconds to do so. The box is super heavy, but they manage to get it through the "matter don't matter here" door. They all get out on time except for one - he's trapped; half inside the vault and half outside. Ouchie City. Loeb doesn't want to clean this mess up, so he shoots the poor guy dead. Remind me never to rob a bank with that guy!

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