Cupid Remake

Looks like they have done it again. i wish there was something original left in the world of showbiz. but non the less i must say that i like the show. hope this time it pulls through. also wish that the we get to see the "cupid" fall in love with a mortal again.


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Feb 1, 2016 1:47PM EST

This is a different show then the 1998 show using the same idea and basically the same characters but the mood is different and needs to be due to us being post 9/11 and in the middle of an economic disaster. This one is lighthearted. But they are both good, kind of profound in a way. Is Trevor a lunatic, god, or both? Marooned on Earth with no powers whatsoever having to unite one hundred couples by chutzpa and tenacity alone, fallen from paradise and his only friend is his shrink who does not believe him. The hospital wants to recommit him and pump him full of drugs when he is a free spirit who only wants to live free to dance and love, celebrate life and to help humanity to find eternal love in our world of one night stands and divorces to the Moon and back. All odds are against him and yet on and on he perseveres and the human miracles keep happening. Give both shows a chance! (the old one can be watched for the most part on youtube. By the way I have fan fiction up at

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