with our powers combined.....

I really want to try and create a fan based, fan funded kyle XY series or miniseries. I have no experience with matters like this but when i get an idea in my head i don't quit until i get what i want! Kyle character and kyle's fans deserve better than this. We have the power to change the system. Thanks to modern technology and media outlets i think that we can trump the outdated studio system of programing and ratings. With the power of the internet and blogs and facebook (last on is important, more later) i think that we can put together enough support and money to present the network with a fait accompli. In my humble opinon the first step is to get a large enough following on facebook (i find myspace kinda creepy...sorry) Then we will have a sold platform from which to launch a campaign. Think it over. If you come to the same conclusion join the facebook group and then we can move from there. With a big enough fan base, and enough wave making, ABCF will have to listen, the idea is to make it financially attractive to them. I am all for boycotting the network but I think that in this case the carrot is better than the stick and if we give them an opportunity to make some easy money with a pre-funded series it will hard for them to turn their backs on us

here is the facebook group link

The more i think about it the more i realize that this is so much bigger than Kyle XY. if this is done right i don't see why this couldn't be the basis for giving the average consumer more of a voice in the television programming that they enjoy. The ratings systems that are used are so outdated its laughable... what i don't understand is why the big networks still use them when they are blatantly inaccurate and inefficient! with all the ways we get our media these days there has got to be a better wa of capturing ratings. Perhaps if an initiative like the one I am propsing for kyle were to work, it could be cloned for use with other programs and other agendas. This is a win win for everyone. LEts get this started, save one of the better shows on television, and in the process give more power to the fans and better/more actionable stats to the studios!

Saving Kyle is the hands down number one goal but if some other good comes from it, all the better (kind of how the space program gave us so many advances in other fields!)


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