episode 6 season one. warning adult content!

HOLY S**T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean i thought last week's episode was intense but that wasnt nothing compared to this week! i mean i actually cried durring the part with the pie. and i bout jump outta my seat at the end (of course now im gonna jump into my bed thinkin about it...........;) lol ) i swear this show gets better and better every week. and it really kinda is like reading a book bc you can go back and rewatch the episodes and they are just as good as b4. also at the end of every episode i just cant wait to get to the next one. just like a good book each chapter is ended on a moment of excitement so u just cant resist turning the page lol.

anyways enough of that. so i have a few theorys about who the killer might be. i think its that shit for brains detective, or the sheriff bc they are the only ones who bill said anything to about the blood being drained. although the sheriff doesnt seem like a complete idiot so he would know there is no way a vamp would bleed her out like that and not drink it all. i agree with bill's theory about it bein someone who doesnt like the vamps and is taking it out on women who associate with them. also did that scene with sookie being strangled seem strange to yall? i think it actually did happen and that she just doesnt remember bc of the valium, in which case who is it, why did they stop short of killing her and how did they get back out of the house without being seen? i do think it was real thou and not a dream. i esp liked that sookie called bill's name. that was romantic as hell. anyways im finally gonna go to bed. let me know yall's thoughts on all this.

NOTE: NO SPOILERS! i realize some of you have read the books and that's great and all but please dont ruin the fun for the rest of us? i already know way more about sam than i wanted to (although by now i prolly would have figured it out) but it's all part of the fun, not knowing. you didn't know when you read the books so give us our chance now? thanks



Oct 13, 2008 6:22AM EDT

I totally agree with the whole NO SPOILERS thing. But too late, some genius told me anyway and now I won't be surprised anymore :( I won't ruin it for you and anyone else who doesn't know though ;)
Yeah, this episode was just so...wow. I mean, how much sex can one episode have? For True Blood, a lot. x]]
The last scene was absolutely delicious...(if i dare say) and hopefully sookie and bill will be the perfect vampire couple with beautiful vampire kids! lol. Of course there are going to be challenges along the way, but what's got me thinking is, what other problems could they possible face?
Aside from Eric and the murderer of grandma stackhouse, I have no idea what to expect. That's why I totally love this show, it's down right genius. :D

Oct 13, 2008 8:45AM EDT

thanks for not spoiling anything for me.
as far as the problems they'll face i figure its gonna be kinda like it used to be for interracial or homosexual couples. (not saying that that's not still bad thou) i wouldnt be surprised if some people even go so far as to physically hurt sookie or bill.
and yeah that last scene was awesome and im hoping for alot more like it!

Oct 13, 2008 9:17AM EDT

Episode 6 totally made my happy places happeee LOL

Oct 13, 2008 11:15AM EDT

totally agree with you thanks for no spoilers hate it when that happens ye how awesome was the ending will sookie regret it later don't no maybe i think some one needs to sort sam out even though you have to have a person in a show you dont like i suppose it would be nice to see a few more ppl sticking up for vampires like grandma cant wait for the next episode

Default avatar cat
Oct 13, 2008 12:36PM EDT

I totally agree....this episode was GREAT!!!! I don't really understand why they had the grandma killed that way though. It doesn't happen like that in the book...hmmm. In the book she is strangled like the other two women.

Default avatar cat
Oct 13, 2008 4:57PM EDT

OMG i am so addicted to this show and i love sookie + Bill. I think the killer got out through the window coz bill was standing in one of the rooms and the window was like cut open or something in that episode

Default avatar cat
Oct 21, 2008 1:14AM EDT

Sookie gets naked!!!!!!!!!
hell yeah

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