I love how everything fits together and finally they find out about Dan! And Nanny Carrie makes her move after all that build-up! It's great that Brook has done something for herself, but that was such a disappointment for Nathan being mislead- hope it works out...

Jamie remains to be the cutest, bravest kid ever! :D

I think the last scene where Carrie wakes up laughing was really surreal!??! And what about Deb, Jamie and Hayley!? Like, did they just leave Dan?? That was pretty strange...

The scene in the cornfield was so intense!! Really jumpy- i liked it.

Carrie torturing Dan during the past few episodes has been really disturbing-- sticking and jabbing the needles into him and everything, so much pain and he was so helpless! Not saying it wasn't necessary, but sometimes it was so hard to watch!

Still Loving Lucas and Peyton- her dad's a bit of dodgy though!

And could anyone tell me what the scene is at 39.50?!? Who is it and where is the scene??


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Oct 2, 2008 4:17AM EDT

Gaaah as much as I've hated Dan up until now, I'm SO GLAD they found him in time, nanny Carrie is the most evil bitch on the planet. Totally agree, that last scene was like something out of a horror movie, not good old oth!
Lucas and Peyton are adorable, I was scared when he went to NY to meet Lyndsey, it crossed my mind that he'd get mixed up and confused again and kiss Lyndsey or something!
I basically spent the entire episode crossing my fingers for various people in it, lol.
I think the scene at 39.50 is Sam?? Although I don't know for sure. Can't think who else it might be. I think she was lying to Brooke about having curfew and stuff, especially cause she sounded so ironic when Brooke said "Sometimes it's not a bad thing to have a mom that cares about you", and she said "Yeah.." And also she was looking in on that family earlier on. So I'm thinking Sam doesn't have a family. I'm sure we'll see more soon enough :)
Can't wait for the next episode!

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