The Invisibles; The Inbetweeners; The British Soap Awards

Ken v Boris, Tories v Labour, and, before the swingometer took centre stage, age versus youth: The Invisibles (BBC One) v The Inbetweeners (E4). At least in this election – despite the spookily similar names – there was one clear winner and no need for a recount, or staying up till all hours in the vain hope that Robert Peston might appear and start squawking about Nick Clegg’s budget plans. (A boy’s gotta find his pleasures where he can.)

The loser, the shambolic, hopeless, where-are-the-matchsticks-to-keep-my-eyelids-from-closing-FOREVER loser, was The Invisibles, which finally appeared after weeks of trailers featuring spidery, abseiling figures, implying a drama with the stylistic dash of The Thomas Crown Affair. That, like the drama itself, was a con. Anthony Head and Warren Clarke played Morris and Sid, a pair of past-it cat burglars – legends, we were told, called “The Invisibles” – who apparently were so marvellous in their day that they robbed from royalty. But now, older and slightly rickety, they were trying to go straight in a quiet seaside town.



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May 30, 2008 10:28PM EDT

The Inbetweeners rocked. My friend says the creators of Skins just made it as a quick thing while they made the new Skins series. Is that true? Because in my opinion, Skins sucks, and the creators would be getting much higher ratings if they just stuck to The Inbeweeners and dumped the chavvy, boring show, Skins.

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