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Nathan didn't die at the end of Season 2....because remember how Kensei had the same power as Claire? He *Adam same thing* gave Nathan blood. That's how his burns healed. Nathan still alive


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May 6, 2008 4:19AM EDT

The heroes crew keep doing this to keep us on the edge of our seats... No complaints here.
Nathan could survive for many reasons though... I'm not sure why peter hasn't yet realised that his blood can regenerate too now?! Also Claire could save him with hers, And if Nathan has the foresight it could be as simple as a bullet proof vest... I guess we'll all have to wait and see, But if for some weird reason they do kill him off, i feel sorry for whoever is responsible after Peter finds them, we've see a little of his dark side now, and he would be so p*ssed! lol.

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