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Gray's Anatomy S6E5

The last episode of Gray's Anatomy was fantastic. I cant remember the last time i was so empessed with the show. It was so sensire, so meaningful.. I felt like crying a couple of times. Well, actually i did. Christina was amazing when she came to cry in Meridiths ward. And also there were a lot of really great moments. I loved it. Hope u did too


| 13:09 EDT, 17 Oct, 2009
i bet christinas cardio god will be a mercy western. they're not just merging residents
| 10:11 EDT, 17 Oct, 2009
I agree. That episode was amazing and I cried too. They are really getting back to the good stuff.
| 01:05 EDT, 17 Oct, 2009
It was the real Christina, just without any cardio action. We havent seen her like that yet. I think this episode showed different people (starting with the difference of the main characters from the Mercy Westers) and different sides of those people. And I'm sure that Christina will get her cardio God pretty soon, so no worries here)
| 23:26 EDT, 16 Oct, 2009
Did not love it! Didn't even like it! I want the real Christina back and I want some cardio action for her. If she leaves the show I'm gonna give up on it! I'm not keen on the Mercy Westers. Also where was Mark, he wasn't in this episode at all! :( Not liking it at all!

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