House - the reality !

House is back and how!, back to its best with a bang, all those who keep crying bout it being a realistic routine episode with no emotions and stuff compared to the season 4 ending ... FLASH News: This what house is all about, its bout realism with hell a lot sarcasm, thts wht it makes the show unique, if u wanted house to turn out to be a medical melodrama, you're looking at the wrong place! there is tons of medical shows out there , with emotions pouring out at every scene of the show, try one of them , House aint the one for u!

but as i say this house aint an unemotional show, it depicts emotions in right amounts , the human elements according to me are etched in a more realistic ways though, the wilson - house friendship for one is a perfect example, it never gets too emotional , but lets u know about without the emotional potboilers

For all those fans who love House for what it is, its back and back with a bang!


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