Psycho Nanny or cop out?

So all in all yes it was very sad the Q had to leave the show it was a very sad thing but I wanna say that as for the whole psycho nanny thing. she lost her kid and is now trying to replace it with another kid that she was the nanny for. I'm sorry but that whole scenerio reminds me of the 1992 movie The hand that rocks the cradle. if you haven't seen it its basically that a girl loses her baby, starts to be a nanny for another family, goes psycho and trys to keep the baby for her "new" family. So i'm thinking this whole nanny carrie psycho bit is played out but nice try OTH.


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Sep 19, 2008 8:10PM EDT

Or even the Psycho Derek storyline. His girlfriend died and he tried to replace her with Peyton. Sound familiar? And then even after he tried to kill Brooke and Peyton we were all supposed to feel sorry for him... I'm not a big fan of the whole Psycho Nanny Carrie storyline. Its the least interesting one in the new season. Plus its too disturbing at times. Cockroaches... really?!

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