Harry Potter and the half blood Prince Review

***spoiler alert***

I thought the movie was rubbish! the worst movie in the series so far. i loved the 6th book, its my favourite in the series. the movie left out a lot of key moments and summerised a lot of the plot.

Alot of the book was centered on dumbledores lessons and in the movie you didnt even know harry had private lessons with him, only that he went to the office twice to see memories. dumbledore didnt tell him the significants of the lessons and with the information could defear You-Know-Who.

Another aspect of this book was the whole mystery of who the half blood prince was and you hardly saw that and how much the writing in the potions book helped harry in class and how he thought it was his parents book etc.

I also thought the graphics were crap. it was rly dark throughout the film and it lacked the quality that attracted me to the other movies.

The acting was also crap!! snape was supposed to be rly sharp and pissed when harry used his spell on malfoy and later on him. dumbledore was supposed to be all nice and sweet hearted and have all his theories about voldemort but they acted like he had no idea about the horcrux. Harry was supposed to be crying his ass off about dumbledores death and all heart sick with ginny which he wasnt, he acted retarded as if he had a stick up You-Know-Where. narcissae was supposed to be crying all the time aswel when she went to see snape but was all together emotionally, hermoine cried a lot which she didnt in the book, she was supposed to be pissed at ron and just ignored him. Ron was the only good actor in the film.

The didnt even include moaning myrtle! :(

The fight outside the burrow never happened in the book, they just made it up and they completely excluded the fight in hogwarts! And....


the movie was an even bigger let down than twilight!!


Default avatar cat
Jul 16, 2009 5:38PM EDT

I completely disagree. The movie was by far the best of the series. All of the things that were left out was fine, they were things that could be left out because everything was still explained even if it was not the detail the book had. I was definitely impressed with this movie. Also, they excluded the fight at Hogwarts because it would be way to anti-climatic because of the huge fight seen in the seventh book, and it would be very repetitive. Everything left out wasn't essential to the plot.

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Jul 16, 2009 11:32PM EDT

HOW is there no Quidditch Match!?! They show Quidditch in nearly every trailer I have seen! Do they really not have any Quidditch?

Default avatar cat
Jul 16, 2009 11:38PM EDT

I also disagree. The movie was a great transition for the other movies, getting slightly darker each through (in answer to ur view of film's look). It would be pretty boring after a while if all films had the same light hearted look and the director blended the look and feel of it nicely continuing from the darkening aspect since #4, and works well as u watch them through. And finally, they are not the books!!! Films are a different art on their own, so pretend u never even did read the book in order to appreciate the well done job they've done. They included as many elements from the book as possible into the film which is what made it so successful. As for memories missin ya i know u cant have everything, but it still gets the message across if u have never even read the novel. Director established ominous mood of whats happening in both muggle and wizarding worlds, the love triangle was well done (there had to be one film which touched on it and revealed hermiones and rons, harry and ginny's feelings for things to come, as well as increase tension in fight scenes and acting. Well done Draco. Loved it when harry confronts him in washroom, following him there on the way.

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