Episode Recap: "Let it Snow"

As has often been the case over the past fifteen years, a nasty Chicago snowstorm brought trauma and drama to the ER tonight. And while the staff kept the lights on back at County General, Morris and Banfield bonded in Omaha while the weather kept them stranded at a conference and gave them an opportunity to experience each other in a new light.

Tony and Sam faced the biggest challenge of their relationship as Tony's unfortunate decision set off a tragic chain of events including an accident, a death and an uncertain fate for Alex. I once again remembered tonight why I have repeatedly voiced my dislike for Sarah. Her lashing out at Sam after the accident was just another example of what a petulant, angry little teen nightmare she is. I had to agree with Sam that Tony hasn't exactly done a bang-up job in the parenting department, but she also channeled all of her anger and fear over Alex's condition in the wrong place. However, as a parent, the situation tonight pretty much summoned to the surface all of the worst nightmares about what can happen to your child, even when they are trying to do the right thing. I had a feeling at the very end that something was going to go terribly wrong and as Sam opened up to Tony, I kept waiting. It's not often that we are left with a cliffhanger like what we had tonight, but I am going to hold out hope that they won't let the last Christmas in the ER be the one where Sam's son dies. Please let me be right on that one.

Even more difficult to watch was the young brother of the accident victim who could not comprehend the loss of his sister. However, all I could think to myself was how could any parents jet off to Europe and leave a five-year-old in the care of his sixteen-year-old sister. Meanwhile, could they have found a more adorable child with a cuter lisp? It might just be me, but that just made the whole thing even sadder. It was appropriate that Chas was the one who stuck it out with the boy though, having recently lost his own sibling he probably had a solid grasp on what the child was feeling.

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Dec 6, 2008 7:37PM EST

i agree with you but sam had a right to take all of her anger out on sarah and tony she was trying to be there for her son and i hope he doesnt die because her son is so hott and first of all i know alex waz trying to help the drunk girl but he knows that hes only 15 with his learners permit and cant drive without an adult and i dont what sarah was thinking and alex if i were sam i would wait a while for him to get his lisence

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