well miss "starlette" i live in the UK and i feel that it is perfectly fine to not take an interest in in every other countries problems, i mean seriously we as a country have enough of our own problems without being forever concerned about america and whatever seemingly major problem they may have gotten themselves into. Although saying that, there are a few people who have realized early on, that the writers strike is going to totally mess up their favorite programmes but to some extent you have to realize that with the delay from the shows being aired in the US and then months later being aired in the UK that people generally have no idea about the changes or lack of episodes and how this is going to affect them in the coming months. And to your last comment about how i am just as bad as you guys if not worse well i have no idea how someone like you reached that conclusion, felt the need to comment because you were clearly being rude to the the other person and needed to be put in your place. Sidereel is a place to air your views on TV programmes, not to treat people like crap just because they do not realize something is going on in another country.


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