Its All Just A Case Of History Repeating...

My 2cents May Become $2....

Has noone noticed something about the new serason? (besides some bad plastic surgery) Lets cast our minds back a while now... Say 3 years....At the end of Season 2 MTV weren't sure if they were going to do another season of 'The Hill' fast forward 7 months and all a sudden highest rated program on the Network. There were 28! yes 28 episodes in season 3 of the Hills ( 10 in season 1 and 13 in season 2)

Now we all remember what caused that now dont we, Heidi1.0 & Skeezy Manwhore version of Spencer. The "Sex Tape" Rumour...

The rating fro MTV were massive during the while Heidi v Lauren thing. This is what ultimately lead to the shows success. It was great TV and we alll loved to watch incase they bumped int one another, even spawned the line "I'm gonna forgive you. But I wanna forget you!" You just can write that sorta stuff <insert personal joke about actors ettc etc>

What I am finding really disappointing is that they have changed the subject of said Rumour, (wouldnt be a shock if Kristin has a sex tape really) But essentially they are using the same plot to pull the same ratings. Kristin even said "Even my Parents have heard about it!"

I love The Hills, but the producers have failed to capitalise on the change in dynamics, They are failing to admit the premise of the show no longer exists. "Young, well to do girls moving to the big city, working and partying in the LA club scene." None of them live that life anymore, Neither would I if MTV paid me $100,000 to sit and have lunch glaring at everyone - i do it for free anyway! Lauren knew it had came to an end in its current setting and bailed at the exact right moment (pre 'Jungle-gate') -They dramatically changed the dynamics for The City (more so this season than season1 pt2) And I think The City will trump The Hills this season. :(

If The Producers wanna make me happy this is who i want to see this season.

Alex H (kristin's Best friend - Laguna)

Jen Bunny (the only one who actually needed a nose Jon)

Jade Nicole (just so we can see a fight)

Jason (just cos)

The Origional Heidi 1.0 (THAT WOULD BE SPECIAL)



Long Live 'Reality' TV!!!


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