Booth and Brennen...Anticlimatic??

For me it was...4 seasons of build up and tension and then this...ouch, that really hurt. I didn't dislike the episode but the treatment of Booth and Brennen was appalling...yeh, yeh, yeh...we get it by now! Booth would have killed to protect "Bren" (eyuk)...heard it once, they didn't need to keep drilling it in.

AND was it just me or did they seem like the world's worst couple??? Was kinda putting me off them, it was so sappy and cheesy...They better salvage them for me next season...or else :P



May 16, 2009 2:04AM EDT

I didn't like this episode either. As you said they didn't seem to be very good as a couple. I noticed that the chemistry was completely gone, because they weren't the people we know in this episode....they were ahmm some other people. I hated this episode and I was and still am soooooo disappointented. I'm glad other people think the same way.I mean I get that the episode shows how much Booth loves Brennan. But didn't we know that already??

Default avatar cat
May 16, 2009 7:21AM EDT

does it not also show how much brennan loves booth? Coz of what she wrote at the end of the episode and then deleted. I believe they made us think that we would finally see them together as they had discovered or where on the verge of discovering their true feelings when booth looses his memory and maybe showing us brennan's turmoil over it next season - just a thought.
But ye very anti-climatic - was hoping for some real action between the two. hope they dont put them together in like the last ever episode!!

Default avatar cat
May 16, 2009 8:28AM EDT

Glad you guys think so too...this couple has so much potential, I hope they choose a wiser path for them.
"Do you love me?""Do you want me to show you?""If you're not too sleepy"
WTH was that?? The worst dialogues ever I imagine...okay, Am gonna stop my rant now.
And yup megjopol does show what you've mentioned. And I think maybe that answers our question...which one of them is acutely aware of their feelings...

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