Does Bones Discriminate??

I LOVED today's episode...mostly for Stephen Fry's guest appearance but it was also a very very good of the best this season in fact.

What I did notice though was...though Dr Wyatt and Dr Sweets are both in the same profession, make alot of the same assumptions and give similar advice...Brennen gives Gordon alot more respect than Sweets. I find Sweets is a very intelligent man but perhaps Brennen considers Wyatt moreso and his profession unworthy of him.

The fact that Wyatt is so good at what he does and helps alot I would think would help soften her opinion against phsycology but when she is with Sweets, she expresses the opposite, even when his input helps the case greatly.

I missed the episodes where Stephen has guest starred before and am wondering...what has caused him to command such respect from Brennen?



Default avatar cat
Apr 18, 2009 6:57AM EDT

I agree this episode was really great. I mean, how hilarious was Bones saying over and over 'skaleee' hahaha. Truly epic ;)

Apr 18, 2009 11:11PM EDT

It's because Sweets is so young, Bones doesn't feel he's had very many life experiences to be a truly good psych. That's why this episode was so good. we learned that Sweets has gone through as much, if not more in his life than Bones, or Booth. It makes him good at what he does, just like the things B&B went through make them good at theirs.

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