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Sorry but this sounds like it's a SLIGHT rip-off of the excellent novel 'The Time Travellers Wife'. Too coincidental...


| 14:54 EST, 29 Dec, 2008
i read the book a while before Journeyman came outand it is in my opinion the greatest creative literature in a very very long timesimply...its my damn favourite book haha huge fan of Audrey Niffeneggerand i dont believe this was meant to rip off the book, tho it is rather identicali think its the classic arguement between people, of the book or the moviemy opinion the book is centuries beyond journeymantho i did find journeyman quite interesting =] but ah well, frivilous but pointless debate now that we dont see where Journeyman would hav gone... Fitzy
| 19:37 EDT, 09 Sep, 2008
I was just thinking the same thing...I just finished reading the book and i was reading it i kept thinking of journeyman!!! I'm pretty sure the book came first, and there are very very slight differences like him being able to keep his clothing in his travels!

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