The Essence of 24

Women enjoy this show because the men are valiant and romantic whilst being brute and courageous. They writers make a perfect script of words that any woman would love to hear from her man when faced with a danger beyond belief. It's the Knight in Shining Armor Syndrome. The actors are brilliant to make such a thing seem believable. Kiefer may not be conventionally handsome with his tired face, square ears and turtle beak upper lip, but he has an ultimate sexiness about him when he holds his lady's face and gently kisses her then runs off with his cold steel horse to shoot up the bad guys so she may live for him another day. Men have it easy. Even the rugged ones have a chance if they'd only be a hero.

Men partake in the 24 phenomenon because it's daring action. It's guns, bombs, bad guys and torture takes them to the video game portion of their brains where anything is possible and everything eventually goes right. It's tough and testosterone charged. And why do men want to feel like that? Why, to get the woman of course! They don't know it, but that's the trait of ancestors long left behind. The toughest were chosen because it was believed they'd make the best children.

Now, I know you're thinking, "It's just a show. Don't get all heavy." Well, shows like this will always succeed because it's the way we are hard wired. We are, after all, just mammals with a little extra in our brains.

All I have to say folks is, after watching this awesome show, be sure you remember the condoms. I know what you're all thinking when the hour is up.


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