Episode 5 = Promise? *tiny spoiler*

I thought tonight's epi was the best of the bunch so far. We shall see as we tread further on into the season, but Safe and Sound seemed to invoke some similar feelings as season 1 and 3 did...not near as close, but certainly better than the last 4 episodes.

TV is meant to be entertaining, so I don't expect shows like these to stay within the bounds of so called reality. Some extraordinary things should be allowed to happen without much scoffing from the viewers. Even though most of this show seems pretty predictable at this point, I still find the 'break in' aspects entertaining to watch play out.

Michael's inopportune bloody nose strikes again while hiding up in an air duct and drops a few spots onto a [cleaning lady?] causing Lincoln to question it and reveal that it was one of the same symptoms of a past affliction from when Michael was a young teen. He implies that it could be serious to which Michael asks his brother not to tell Sara. Lincoln reminds Michael that Sara's a doctor and will help him. Michael claims he's just 'acclimating to the warmer climate'...but my intuition is telling me it could be leukemia or something of that serious a nature.

Also, I foresee Gretchen joining the crew in some awkward way. That should be an interesting, yet uncomfortable situation.

What do you think?


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