Joss Whedon shuts down Dollhouse!

Prolific producer pauses production on program; says quality on scripts sucked; 24 also halted.

Joss Whedon knows quality work when he sees it, and he should. As the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, Whedon is revered as a god in some of the geekier circles.

While Dollhouse is shut down, the cast has to stand completely still.

While Dollhouse is shut down, the cast has to stand completely still.

So when Joss thinks its time to stop production on a show because he doesn't feel its going as well as it should, it's time to stop production. Whedon has put his anticipated new show Dollhouse on hold, believing that some of the scripts just aren't Whedon-worthy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Joss has apparently been so busy in the director's chair, that he hasn't been able to work on the show's upcoming scripts. So when he finally had a chance to see upcoming scripts, he decided to slow things down a bit to do some rewrites. Production is due to start up again in late September, but since the drama is a midseason entry, Dollhouse is comfortably ahead of schedule.

Dollhouse stars Eliza Dushku as an agent for a secret organization that specializes in imprinting memories and personalities into its agents, which are hired out for espionage, business, and...pleasure. Though most are blissfully unaware of their situation, Dushku's character soon becomes sentient of what's going on, and thus begins some big-time drama and action.

Dollhouse isn't the only midseason Fox show to be put on the skids. 24 has also momentarily shut down production so that its producers can improve the direction of the final episodes. According to the show's bosses, they feel they have the time, so they may as well make it the best darned show it can be. 24 had eight episodes in the can before the writers strike last year, so the political thriller is way ahead of schedule and should experience no delays.

Nothing to worry about here. In fact, if anything it's a sign of great things to come from both shows.


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